Purplebag Discount Store List


BUY A PURPLE BAG for $5.00 CASH at these 3  locations: INVEST $5 ONCE SAVE  OVER & OVER

 ***WEAR Thrift Shop 464 1st Street Downtown Macon

 ***Deja Vous Boutique & Consignment - 2786 Riverside Drive Macon

**Meaningful Merchandise Thrift (3706 Mercer Univ. Drive SUITE 44) **Pink Bldgs. Upper level).

WITH the #PURPLEBAG you receive invites to special events.  
GET EXCLUSIVE DISCOUNTS at THE FOLLOWING Participating Central Ga. Thrift and Other Stores!! 
1The Salvation Army Thrift Store 3260 Mercer University Drive Macon Ga  a 10 % discount to shoppers with the purple bag!**
2. Deva Vous Consignment & Boutique 2786 Riverside Dr* offers 15 % discount to shoppers with the purple bag! **
 3. The Pink Chief Boutique 486 Poplar St. St Macon, GA offers 20 % discount to shoppers with the purple bag!** EXCLUDES*GREEK*APPAREL**
WEAR- Your Dollar Makes Change 464 First St. Downtown Macon- a 10 % discount to shoppers with the purple bag!**
5.  Meaningful Merchandise Thrift Shoppe (3706 Mercer University Drive SUITE 44) a 10 % discount to shoppers with the purple bag! **
6. Sara Jane's- Vintage 43 West Johnson St. Forsyth Ga. a 10 % discount to shoppers with the purple bag!** 
7. YES It's Consignment Clothing Consignment Store 903 Carroll St. Perry offers a 10 % discount to shoppers with the purple bag!**
8The Golden Bough Bookstore*Downtown Macon 371 Cotton Ave Macon,   offers a 10 % discount to shoppers with the purple bag!**
9. Tags of Hope Thrift Shoppe - VineVille Ave
10. Three Peas in a Pod (luxury consignment handbags  at 123 West Solomon St in Griffin Ga. offers a 10 % discount to shoppers with the purple bag!**SALE ITEMS EXCLUDED
11. J.C. Thrift- 192 New St Macon - offers a 20 % discount to shoppers with the purple bag! **

12. Wear It Again Thrift- 204 East Clinton St. in Gray Ga. - a 10 % discount to shoppers with the purple bag! **

13. *** She’s got the Look Semi-Annual HugeConsignment Homewares * Clothing Sales.-You get access to their PREVIEW Night. (Meaning that (You can shop before the SALE opens to the public).

More stores are always being recruited to offer exclusive discounts
Visit  www.thriftingcentralga.com to see if new stores have been added.

 Contact Email:  thriftcentralga@gmail.com

**Stores Reserve the Right to Change or STOP discount offers at anytime.


  1. Thanks for securing discounts to some fabulous places to thrift.

  2. Hi Belinda thanks for reading

  3. Great information. Hope some stores from Warner Robins will join the movement.

    1. Hi I have reached out , they do not respond


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