Thrift enthusiast, thrift and lifestyle blogger Jocelyn Hunt, is the founder of Thrifting Central Ga., a group composed of thrifting veterans & newbies and resale business owners. Jocelyn has a passion for thrifting "FOR A CAUSE", she also uses the TCG as a platform to help raise awareness about community events and organizations.

 Jocelyn encourages her followers to shop and donate with organizations that use their proceeds to benefit various causes such as:  homelessness, battered women, volunteer firemen, and troubled youth just to name a few.
Jocelyn has formed a great relationships with the local thrift/resale stores and keeps her members abreast of sales and special events at those stores. This focus has helped to increase sales at local thrift and resale stores)!

Thrifting Central Ga.members enjoy shopping thrift, consignment antique and vintage shops. They are able to spread the joy and art of thrifting throughout Central Ga. and beyond.  Join us & get the official Thrifting Central Ga. "tote bag or #thepurplebag as we call it to get access to exclusive shopping discounts at participating over 10 local thrift, resale and boutique stores throughout Central Ga.

Join our thrift group on Facebook all the fun and get expert tips on how to thrift in Central Ga. and beyond. Although based in Central Ga. Thrifting Central Ga. members travel across the U.S.  Seeking out the best thrift, consignment, and vintage stores.
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If you would like to host the Thrifting Central Ga. Group or offer us a Special Discount. Please Request information via email at thriftcentral@gmail.com

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