Tuesday, October 23, 2018

The Purple Dove Resale Shop

Oh my I don't know if this place has always been there
I was ThriftTrippN and spotted The Purple Dove

Once inside I found the neatly organized store with a lil of everything inside. I was kind of tired by the time I made this stop, but if you know me I could not pass up a chance to see what goodies were in there. First thing I really like The CAUSE that their proceeds benefit which is battered women and children. Immediately I knew I had to thrift for a cause and support them.
After being in the store for around 20 minutes I scored a brown leather jacket and another casual jacket plus an inspirational framed art piece!
I'm glad I was ThriftTrippN and learned of a new spot.

I Like Antiquing Too

Sunday, October 14, 2018


Everyone knows thrifting is my thing, but I love hanging out in antique shops and villages too.  I furnished my house with a few antique pieces from both thrift and antique stores. 
 Funny thing is that when I'm antiquing I see items that I have seen in the local thrift shops, yet the antique dealers turn their nose up when you mention thrifting like thrift items are a totally different thing.
When they simply go thrifting to find items at the low thrift store price mark it up put it in a fancy booth.


Wednesday, October 10, 2018


When I visit  Fernandina  beach I don't pass up dropping in to see the folks at the National Humane Society Thrift Store.
It's been 2 years since I had been to Fernandina, when I dropped in the thrift store and realized that they have added a new CLOSET store, which has higher end brands. I enjoyed chatting with the lovely ladies and friendly gents at both stores. Needless to say I scored some goodies at BOTH. Scored 2 pairs of shoes and a nice necklace at the Closet and an awesome leather brief case at the store! I love ThriftTrippN at NHS thrift stores


My Thrift Trip to Buy Gones Consignment and Thrift

By Gones Consignment and Thrift

I was cruising around on Fernandina Beach when I spotted a big bright pink building..
 With a flamingo and those words I love Consignment and Thrift Shop.
I dropped in on a great sale they were having 1/2 off of several racks of $2.50 items
or if you got three of those items it switched to three for five dollars! 
Yess honey I kept scrolling through those rack til I found me something 
I scored a gorgeous sequined jacket and two pairs of jeans!
Then there was a great blouse that was not on sale but it just what I need to update my Fall wardrobe,
 so I grabbed it too!
That's what happens when I'm out and about ThriftTrippN I stumble up on great shops!

What about you do you seek out thrift shops when you are traveling for work and for fun?!

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