I scored PRADA by The Pound

Sunday, September 23, 2018

 In July I scored a pair of Prada shoes for $1.39 a pound a the GOODWILL OUTLET in Savannah Ga.
I had been hearing about Goodwill Outlets, but had never been able to find one .
Just so happens I mentioned to a fellow thrifter that I was heading to Savannah w few days she says you gotta go to the Goodwill Outlet while you are there. The morning I was leaving out of Savannah I decided to Google it. Luckily it was really close by,so I dropped in WOW, there were lots of goodies at  $1.39 a pound .
 I scored a few pairs of shoes and some clothing pieces, but the Prada shoes were the prize score of the day .

Thrift Tripping in Byron Ga** at Ms. Ethel's and More Thrift Shop

Tuesday, September 11, 2018

 In August I was heading to checkout a  Farm Market when I  noticed a  Thrift Store on my way  past.
It was in Byron as I was headed to Montezuma to William  Brown's Farm market. Any thrifter knows
that I  could not pass back by it and not stop.

After I had  gotten some garden fresh goodies at the farm market. I stopped  back in the the lil  shop . Ms. Ethel's Thrift and More neat lil  place loaded with nice pieces that were nicely displayed.. Lots of new with  tags  at great prices   ( clothes shoes, jewelry kids clothes and MORE as promised.
I didn't get to meet Ms. Ethel , she was at her home hosting a Mega yard sale but her sister was really nice and helpful.
 I can't wait to go again. You should drop in too, it's located  in Byron right off the interstate,

Happy Thrifting .

SNS Dipped Nails Are My Savvy Shopping Treat

Friday, September 7, 2018

I am still loving the deal of SNS dipped nail manicures. I spend $36.00 and my manicure lasts up to six weeks. Yes I said six weeks.

 SNS gives me the flexibility of nice nails without the hassle of going every two weeks paying $18- $20 .They are rugged and hold up to my harsh treatment.

Next time you get your nails done just it ask for dipped /SNS(  is the brand name of the dipping powder ) . Get you up to six weeks of great looking nails.

My $40.00 Laura Ford accessory score for under $6.00

Saturday, September 1, 2018

This week my lunch break thrift occurred as I attended a  meal with a retiring colleague who is retiring  just happens the lunch spot was located right across from B Turner's Discount store.
While we were waiting on the rest of the group to arrive i ran in  right quick to the jewelry area I quickly spotted some Laura Ford pieces on the clearance table.
I was to able to get a nice  a triple layer necklace for only $4.99 it retails for $25.00.
and a pair of earrings that retail for $15.00 I got them for a whopping .99 cents.

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