Saturday, July 21, 2018

I love thrifting local and supporting local organizations. I call it *THRIFTING FOR A 
This month I was able to get some shopping and supporting for the Methodist Children's Home. They have a nice thrift shop on Vineville Ave. in Macon. TAGS OF HOPE THRIFT SHOPPE. It's a well laid out shop with great furniture.
Tags of Hope also has lots of clothing and shoes for men, women and children
I scored a few goodies earlier this month.
I got few jewelry pieces and a large piece of African print fabric, and two purses all for a great price **

What about you . Do you think about where proceeds from your  thrift shopping goes?

Thrift Store Spotlight: JC Thrift Store

There's always the thrift shop that is off the beaten pat or no on everybody's radar,  JC THRIFT is such a lil shop. Located on First St. in Macon. It is  small lil shop , with great staff. 
I have shopped there from time to time and I usually find one thing or another. They also honor our #purplebag with a 15% additional discount. 
Drop in and shop with these nice guys . Oh they say the JC in JC THRIFT is for Jesus Christ !

THRIFTY LIVING TIP **Save on hemming alterations with fusible bonding Products

Thursday, July 19, 2018

Those of us who are avid thrifters have undoubtedly run up on the cutest pair of pants that are just a few inches too long. It happens to me all the time .
I find the cutest jeans or dress pants for a few dollar s, but it's not economical to pay $2.99 or $3.99 for the pants then turn around and pay $12.00 or more for alterations.
My mom introduced me to fusion hem tape. It has saved me lots of dough on pricey alterations.
I buy it at Walmart or any of the craft stores.
Fusion tape comes in lightweight or heavy weight fabric options,
I have used it in anything from to linen to denim pants.
All you need is few pins to set your hemline and a good hot iron to create your new hem length.

Mixing Retail and Thrift

Sunday, July 8, 2018

I don't THRIFT everything I wear, sometimes I find great retail sales and scoop up the deal.
I scored this blouse retail for under $10.00 and mixed it up with my thrifted jeans and accessories. I scored the big GLASSES at CitiTrends, they were a must to add flair to this pic !
I was channeling my inner Iris Apfel that day *

We ribbed it up of the 4th of July . With Thrifty Priced Ribs

Friday, July 6, 2018

 Walter Hunt grilling ribs. Photos courtesy of  by My mom Mary Hunt

What did you do for the Fourth of July?
My guests and I  enjoyed some delicious ribs on the 4th of July.
Got them at a real bargain with my Kroger digital coupon. The slabs were priced at $11.00-$16.00 my thrifty price was a mere $4.00 per slab. 
That’s what I call Thrifty living and savvy shopping all in one transaction. 

Get signed up for Kroger digital coupons and save big each week!

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