Thrift Tripping in Phoenix

Saturday, June 30, 2018

Back in May I had trip to Phoenix Arizona. Before you ask ! Yes  after class one evening I took UBER to the local Salvation Army Thrift store.
It reminded me of my hometown store, filled with lots of great furniture pieces  etc.
I scored a cute pair of shoes for $3.75 (the whole store was half off  that day  ).

I enjoy THRIFT- TRIPPIN when I am traveling.

How about you . Do you seek out thrift stores when you travel for work and play ?

Savvy Shopping** I scored Marc Jacobs and Talbots shoes .

Thursday, June 28, 2018

I told yall I was a shoe lover, well luck has it a month or so ago I walk into my local thrift store and scored two  nice pair shoes  .I got Marc Jacobs pumps and Talbots flats may I say both pair were in great shape and had not much wear and tear at all.
Just a quick rub own in and outside with my lysol concentrate mix and these babies are ready .

Thrifty Living Tip **Grow Your Own Veggies

Friday, June 22, 2018

The savviest and safest way to enjoy good veggies is to GROWN YOUR OWN!!
This year I decided to do just that, I started with a few starter plants and some seeds.
A friend built me a raised bed and used existing planters to house some of the plants.
Now, I have tomatoes, kale, collards, banana peppers and jalapeno peppers thriving in my back yard.

I also tried my hand at growing my own herbs, I have mint, lavender on my back porch in cute planters I got from the dollar tree.

I scored $69.00 vionics for $4.00

Monday, June 18, 2018

I  scored these VIONIC sandals last Fall. They retail for $69.99 .my thrift prices was $4.00
I am a shoe lover ,so I go straight to the shoe section of the thrift store. I am rarely disappointed. I find and purchase a nice pair of shoes.
As soon as I get home I clean them with Lysol concentrate and awesome.
Go ahead  check out the shoe section on your next thrift outing. Your next pair of designer shoes may be there waiting on ya !!

I scored Tory Burch , Lilly Pulitzer and Kate Spade ALL In One Week.

Sunday, June 10, 2018

OMG, I decided to hit thrift stores on my way home one Thursday evening.
Would you believe on my first stop I spotted a nice blue TORY BURCH purse which retails for around $180.00 mine was $5.99.

Next stop I was browsing through the basket of wallets and makeup bags stumbled right up on a LILLY PULITZER.
Since I had such a good thrift haul I  decided to do a quick run on Saturday morning , walked in a local; shop and immediately spotted a KATE SPADE little clutch bag which I also purchased.
A real thrifter knows thrifting is hit or miss, so this not a typical thrift outcome.

Me in thrifted gear at the RED ART structure in Macon

Thursday, June 7, 2018

I enjoyed the red art /sculpture on a crisp Fall morning out in our Riverwalk area. My outfit of the day was thrifted yes the leather jacket and all!
My whole outfit total price was around $20.00 or less.
I keep telling you I'm 1Thriftychick.   The thrifty lifestyle works for me. I'm not poor I just love the THRILL OF THRIFTING ***.

Thrift Tripping on St. Simon's Island at Hello Good Buy Thrift Store

On a recent trip to St. Simon Island I found a neat resale store called Hello Goodbye is filled with some great items both houseware and clothing.
 The staff is awesome and they provide great customer service.
Next time you are on the Island go find the store, shop and support them **

Thrifty Home Decor Makeover Idea **Paint Old Furniture

Sunday, June 3, 2018

Need a home decor update?
Don't run out and purchase all new furniture? Repurpose your own , Yep just paint it. 
Drawn inspiration from the set ups you see in the big box furniture stores .
Then go, to your nearest hardware or paint store buy the colors you were inspired by and paint your existing dresser, night stands etc..

 I recently visited a friend she took it a step further and changed out the hardware, knobs and handles!

Bid Household Moisture Good Riddance for $1.00

I finally found a thrifty way to rid my closet of moisture.and it only cost me a $1.00.
I buy The Moisture Eliminator at Dollar Tree. It works very well  at trapping excess moisture and eliminating that old stale smell that can develop in closets over time.
 It absorbs twice its weight in water.
It works well in closets, basements bath and laundry rooms too.
A  similar product sells for up to $10.00 in other stores.

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