Thrifting Central Ga. is Celebrating Three Years Today

Monday, May 21, 2018

Three years ago I was recovering from back to back surgeries, the most major one had me home for eight weeks. I had lots time each day, so I would spend my days checking out the great finds of Thrifting Atlanta group members.
I had thrifted for over 20 years, I wondered if I could share my love of thrifting with a larger audience in Central Ga. 

I decided to reach out to Keren Charles, the Founder of Thrifting Atlanta she was cordial and agreed that my idea sounded feasible, we worked together for about a month, setting up my Facebook, Instagram Page and Blog website.

 Once it was all complete, Thrifting Central Ga. was born. I tried various things over these three years, some of which I will not repeat.
I will tweak things that worked and try them again. I plan to keep giving Thrifting Central Ga. my own twist.


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