Tuesday, October 23, 2018

The Purple Dove Resale Shop

Oh my I don't know if this place has always been there
I was ThriftTrippN and spotted The Purple Dove

Once inside I found the neatly organized store with a lil of everything inside. I was kind of tired by the time I made this stop, but if you know me I could not pass up a chance to see what goodies were in there. First thing I really like The CAUSE that their proceeds benefit which is battered women and children. Immediately I knew I had to thrift for a cause and support them.
After being in the store for around 20 minutes I scored a brown leather jacket and another casual jacket plus an inspirational framed art piece!
I'm glad I was ThriftTrippN and learned of a new spot.

I Like Antiquing Too

Sunday, October 14, 2018


Everyone knows thrifting is my thing, but I love hanging out in antique shops and villages too.  I furnished my house with a few antique pieces from both thrift and antique stores. 
 Funny thing is that when I'm antiquing I see items that I have seen in the local thrift shops, yet the antique dealers turn their nose up when you mention thrifting like thrift items are a totally different thing.
When they simply go thrifting to find items at the low thrift store price mark it up put it in a fancy booth.


Wednesday, October 10, 2018


When I visit  Fernandina  beach I don't pass up dropping in to see the folks at the National Humane Society Thrift Store.
It's been 2 years since I had been to Fernandina, when I dropped in the thrift store and realized that they have added a new CLOSET store, which has higher end brands. I enjoyed chatting with the lovely ladies and friendly gents at both stores. Needless to say I scored some goodies at BOTH. Scored 2 pairs of shoes and a nice necklace at the Closet and an awesome leather brief case at the store! I love ThriftTrippN at NHS thrift stores


My Thrift Trip to Buy Gones Consignment and Thrift

By Gones Consignment and Thrift

I was cruising around on Fernandina Beach when I spotted a big bright pink building..
 With a flamingo and those words I love Consignment and Thrift Shop.
I dropped in on a great sale they were having 1/2 off of several racks of $2.50 items
or if you got three of those items it switched to three for five dollars! 
Yess honey I kept scrolling through those rack til I found me something 
I scored a gorgeous sequined jacket and two pairs of jeans!
Then there was a great blouse that was not on sale but it just what I need to update my Fall wardrobe,
 so I grabbed it too!
That's what happens when I'm out and about ThriftTrippN I stumble up on great shops!

What about you do you seek out thrift shops when you are traveling for work and for fun?!

I scored PRADA by The Pound

Sunday, September 23, 2018

 In July I scored a pair of Prada shoes for $1.39 a pound a the GOODWILL OUTLET in Savannah Ga.
I had been hearing about Goodwill Outlets, but had never been able to find one .
Just so happens I mentioned to a fellow thrifter that I was heading to Savannah w few days she says you gotta go to the Goodwill Outlet while you are there. The morning I was leaving out of Savannah I decided to Google it. Luckily it was really close by,so I dropped in WOW, there were lots of goodies at  $1.39 a pound .
 I scored a few pairs of shoes and some clothing pieces, but the Prada shoes were the prize score of the day .

Thrift Tripping in Byron Ga** at Ms. Ethel's and More Thrift Shop

Tuesday, September 11, 2018

 In August I was heading to checkout a  Farm Market when I  noticed a  Thrift Store on my way  past.
It was in Byron as I was headed to Montezuma to William  Brown's Farm market. Any thrifter knows
that I  could not pass back by it and not stop.

After I had  gotten some garden fresh goodies at the farm market. I stopped  back in the the lil  shop . Ms. Ethel's Thrift and More neat lil  place loaded with nice pieces that were nicely displayed.. Lots of new with  tags  at great prices   ( clothes shoes, jewelry kids clothes and MORE as promised.
I didn't get to meet Ms. Ethel , she was at her home hosting a Mega yard sale but her sister was really nice and helpful.
 I can't wait to go again. You should drop in too, it's located  in Byron right off the interstate,

Happy Thrifting .

SNS Dipped Nails Are My Savvy Shopping Treat

Friday, September 7, 2018

I am still loving the deal of SNS dipped nail manicures. I spend $36.00 and my manicure lasts up to six weeks. Yes I said six weeks.

 SNS gives me the flexibility of nice nails without the hassle of going every two weeks paying $18- $20 .They are rugged and hold up to my harsh treatment.

Next time you get your nails done just it ask for dipped /SNS(  is the brand name of the dipping powder ) . Get you up to six weeks of great looking nails.

My $40.00 Laura Ford accessory score for under $6.00

Saturday, September 1, 2018

This week my lunch break thrift occurred as I attended a  meal with a retiring colleague who is retiring  just happens the lunch spot was located right across from B Turner's Discount store.
While we were waiting on the rest of the group to arrive i ran in  right quick to the jewelry area I quickly spotted some Laura Ford pieces on the clearance table.
I was to able to get a nice  a triple layer necklace for only $4.99 it retails for $25.00.
and a pair of earrings that retail for $15.00 I got them for a whopping .99 cents.

Thrift Tripping Columbus Ga. PT 2 - SECOND TIME AROUND Consignment Shop

Wednesday, August 29, 2018

This past weekend two friends and I decided to met up with our dear friend Angela in Columbus Ga. 
Angela traveled from Montgomery Alabama. We decided on Columbus because it was equal travel distance drive for us all, and great spot for a quick girl’s day trip.

Our day was planned by the planner of the group Lauralen, she had our day laid out starting with a great brunch at BARE ROOTS FARMACY farm to table restaurant*** it was delish. 
Of course the tip would not  have been complete without visits to a couple of consignment shops as a treat to me.
One of the shops was called SECOND TIME AROUND * Consignment Boutique,
It was a nice shop, great visual layout, with some  and nice selection of  designer brand inventory .They were having  30 - 50 %  off SALE our salesperson  Peggy was very pleasant, Maureen snagged a few pairs of  earrings and I snagged a great Brahmin wallet for $34.00 .  YESS I said $34.00
Next time you visit Columbus go by 2211 Manchester Pkwy and shop with the ladies of Second Time Around  Consignment . 

We ended our day with a trip to the RIVER WALK then off we went  to try some delicious goodies from KILWINS a local chocolate/ice cream shop .

I enjoyed #ThriftTripping and eating in Columbus Georgia * I can’t wait to go again and explore more thrift and resale stores.

Thrift Tripping in Columbus Ga at NEW TO YOU Consignment

Tuesday, August 28, 2018

This past weekend two friends and I decided to meet our dear friend Angela in Columbus Ga. Angela travel from Montgomery Alabama. We decided on Columbus because it was equal travel distance drive for us all, and great spot for a quick girl’s day trip.
We met to celebrate my last radiation treatment, Angela’s recent Promotion to VP of Compliance, and Lauralen’s work Grant Renewal) and our long friendship with Maureen.
Our day was planned by the planner of the group Lauralen, had our day laid out complete with visits to a couple of consignment shops as a treat to me.
We met up at NEW TO YOU Consignment Boutique.
It was a nice shop, great visual layout and nice selection of inventory m our salesperson Kellie was very pleasant, Maureen and I snagged a few accessories.
So if you are ever in Columbus go by 4405 Armour Rd. and shop with the ladies of NEW TO YOU Consignment **
We had brunch at amazing spot called BARE ROOTS FARMACY, it was amazing. I gave them 5 STARS on Yelp **
We ended the day at a great chocolates /ice cream shop Kilwins. I gave it 5 STARS as well.

I enjoyed #ThriftTripping in Columbus Georgia * I can’t wait to go again and explore more thrift and resale stores.


Thursday, August 23, 2018

I got THRIFTLUCKY** when I stopped by Salvation Army one evening. Once inside the store I decided to browse the tee shirt section and there it was a NWT (New with tags) Mercer University long sleeved tee for $1.99. 
YESS now that’s #savvyshopping at its best. I'm an alum of Mercer, but I must say that price is much better than the bookstore price for a tee.


Monday, August 20, 2018

Just a few months ago , the idea of a Thrift Fashion Show was taking shape.
The committee brainstormed about dates,places, theme, times for a show, then one of the ladies said why not do link it to NATIONAL THRIFT SHOP day , which is observed  every August 17th
An idea was born and the team got busy. The ideas kept flowing , duties were divided and we all went to work planning for the first community wide  THRIFTING CENTRAL GA THRIFT FASHION show.

Fast forward a few months and we had stylists , a make up artist and plenty of models lined up to help showcase some of Central Ga's finest thrift store pieces. There were also sponsors willing to help us fill our MEGA THRIFT GIFT BASKET, provide beverages for our models and more.
Charise Stephens secured us an amazing host/hostess for  the show , yes both of them are thrifters.
Dr. Melinda Moffett and Mr. Colby Cain brought good vibes to the show.


Sunday, August 12, 2018

THRIFTING CENTRAL GA. has lined up a week long list of activities  to celebrate  NATIONAL THRIFT SHOP DAY 
It all starts with our THRIFT STORE SCAVENGER HUNT, which  will start Monday August 13th - and end on Friday August 17th ( National Thrift Shop Day ) * ** .
A winner will be selected via a random drawing ( of receipt  turn ins) on Saturday August 18th at our The  Fashion Show ) So that said you MUST BE PRESENT to turn on your receipts and be entered in the drawing for a chance to win.

**Receipts must be dated 13th- 17th **

Click the link below-  To  download the  Scavenger Shopping card /rules /store list !


In celebration of National Thrift Shop Day( observed August 17th annually) . We will celebrate by showcasing the versatile styles and fashions that can be found at some of our local thrift stores. Come out and see FASHION & THRIFT collide. Local models will strut down the runway in some of the area’s best thrifted pieces.
The show finale will feature a WEDDING DRESS REIMAGINED showcase. Come see how local designers and artists bring new life to out dated wedding dresses.

BUY your TICKETS in advance via eventbrite 


Wednesday, August 8, 2018

On a past trip to Fernandina Beach, Florida I found a neat resale store called New to You Barnabas Resale Store. It was a medium sized store filled with some great items both homewares and clothing.
The staff is awesome and they provided me with great customer service.
I scored a nice necklace on my trip at Barnabas.

Sally Beauty Saved The Day

I was out one day and suddenly realized that my lipgloss was in the OTHER PURSE!
I did want to pay a lot for lip gloss replacement sine  had some just not with me!
Then I spotted a Sally Beauty store so I ran in to see if they had something to get me buy!
Well Yes there were some tiny lil glosses right near the register! They worked with my outfit  saved and the day!
Sally has small little nail polishes good for one mani or pedi!

Retail Shopping at THRIFT PRICES *See My Jewelry Organizers

Wednesday, August 1, 2018

Being an avid thrifter I have acquired lots of jewelry.
Last week at one of my favorite retail discount stores I found me some thrifty priced jewelry organizers . They had a few styles all at only $2.99.  I snagged a couple of each!

 In other words I got four organizers for less than the cost of one at other department stores. 

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