PINK and MORE PINK October Is Breast Cancer Awareness Month

Friday, October 6, 2017

REST IN PEACE Mrs. Dunyer Hunt
 It’s October and you will start to see
 PINK and MORE PINK. The pink ribbons and more are  all a reminder for us to think about breast cancer and donate to the breast cancer research. There will be Susan G Komen races that raises lots of funds for a search for a cure. The new SISTA STRUT WALK helps raise awareness of high incidence of breast cancer in the African American community.

There are also agencies like United in Pink that do lots to help families of breast cancer patients.
 Whatever you do.  Please consider giving.

It's  personal to me I lost my sweet sister in law Dunyer Hunt  in January to breast cancer, so without question I will be donating. Hopefully you will donate #4acause

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