A Thrift Score **MY LV LUGGAGE BAG

Tuesday, September 19, 2017

It's not everyday you walk into a thrift store and spot a Louis Vuitton luggage tote , then to see it priced at under $10.00 !! Yes, I was told  it's really bad shape , you can have it for $5.00.

OMG, I  snatched it right up. Yes is was in need of some repair work. I took it to a local shoe repair shop to s start the process  of  repairing it. It had a few week seams,he restitched  and reinforced those and restitched the handles for around $20.00.
It was a $20.00 well spent to be able to own a LV tote for a total investment under $30.00.

What is your best thrift find ?

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