Vikki Kirkling-Burns : Thrifter To Thrift Store Owner

Saturday, August 12, 2017

Subject: Vikki Kirkling-Burns : Thrifter To Thrift Store Owner

Hi my name is Vikki Kirkling-Burns 
My love for thrifting started as a young girl being raised by a single mother we knew all too well that is was okay  to wear and appreciate used items .  
We would frequently visit yard sales back in the 90's and I never gave a second thought about the items as used,  to me it was the norm.
 I also have a love for fashion, I love personal style and what better ways to show your uniqueness than by thrifting and picking items that make you shine bright.
 I must say I don't just like to thrift ,but  I LOVE to thrift. This is why I decided to become a thrift shop owner of  Sassy Sarah’s Thrift Boutique located at 512 E. 6th St.  Bogalusa , Louisiana.
 I  am excited to be able to share the love of thrifting to whom all enters the store.

My philosophy is
When you value yourself you don't need expensive clothing and brand names on your body to be happy. That kind of happy comes from doing what you love to do in life .
I truly have found my dream job as owner of my own thrift boutique. 

 Check out Sassy Sarah’s FaceBook page at
Instagram - Sassy Sara's Boutique sassy_sarahs_boutique


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