My Hometown Bid Farewell To Music Star Greg Allman Today

Saturday, June 3, 2017

My town has been all abuzz all week since the passing of Greg Allman.
 Especially today as we bid farewell Mr. Greg Allman,.of the Allman Bros Band. Funeral attendees included his former wife CHER and Former President Jimmy Carter.
There was a nice funeral processional several streets were closed to allow fans to line up for the funeral procession. Most fans honored Greg's request for no suits(he wanted fans to wear jeans and tee shirt dress code ) .

The musician had long standing ties to Macon even shared a home here with his former wife Cher. Yes I said Cher , she was married Greg a long time ago and lived in Macon actually in minutes from  my first apartment and I still pass their former home daily as I am going to work**
The home Greg and his band members lived in has been converted to a Museum -The Big House Museum * It's worth it to come check it out. It is filled with personal items and rich memories of the band.

I visited a few years ago, I was impressed with the collection of memorabilia there.


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