Savvy Shopping: My Super Score on Louis Vuitton

Monday, April 10, 2017

I have wanted a Louis Vuitton bag for a while .I realized that the odds  of thrifting one was way to big to wait on , so I did some research to try to get one a at least a reasonable price.

 The online shop for authentic luxury goods is Tradesy .I ended up finding a bag that has been retired from.LV production  it's the Bolognese shoulder bag. I'm A fan of shoulder bags, they feel more secure I  have enjoyed it.Tradesy allowed me to splurge a just little , it was savvy shopping at it best! Don't be afraid to try alternative methods of shopping , there are lots of online consigner and resale shops do your research and enjoy savvy shopping for some good deals.

***But the REAL SCORE is the authentic LV luggage piece shown here . I scored it at a local thrift store for only $5.00. it had some issues ( the handle had thread that was coming loose, and  worn at the seams ) . I took to to a local shoe shop, repairs were made for $25.00 . It is nice and sturdy now ** That's my best score of the last year. 


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