My Super Thrift Score - **Authentic Louis Vuitton luggage for just $5.00.

Sunday, April 30, 2017

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***Most people will never believe that I was able to thrift a piece authentic Louis Vuitton luggage for just $5.00.
Well that is exactly what I did last Fall.
 I was out on my weekly thrift store rounds. When I dropped into a local thrift store and spotted a somewhat tattered LV luggage tote 20 inch. It was being priced  $5.00 because  it had some issues ( the handles had threads coming loose, and  it was pretty worn at the seams ) This item was just too good to be true ,plus I am always up for trying to save things and give them new life. I bought the tote bag took it home and looked it over to assess all the blemishes.

There were a several things that needed repair, so I took to a local shoe shop, repairs were made for $25.00. It is nice and sturdy now ** that’s my best score of the last year. 


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