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Thursday, April 13, 2017

Last fall,
I attended a fur fashion show , the show was well done with great energy and good creative flow. As the show progressed, a young lady was introduced as part of their production team. There was where I learned of Chimequea Johnson.I spoke to her in a very brief conversation after the show, she mentioned that she loved thrifting , I told her she should check out TCG.
I'm excited that Chimequea will join TCG as we present a mini thrift fashion show at the Pearls and Priorities - Put Your Best Foot Forward Women's Networking Event  .May 20th .

So here is more about Chimequea in her own words!

 I am Chimequea  or close friends know me as Micky .

I have been modeling and all things creative for the past 10 years. I have worked with great photographers, been on several news stations, met and befriended several boutique owners, and the creative director for a few fashion shows. I'm currently focusing on being a model/life coach and creative director for photoshoots as well as fashion styling for those shoots if need be. As a mom of 3 it has been hectic, but I'm  25  and making my dreams come true but I have been grinding and creating our little industry here. I thrift because I'm highly aware of my budget and I enjoy the thrill of that one piece of clothing that I find sent from the universe especially for me. Thrifting allows you to make your clothes and your style more personable. I believe in having class and being a character. I would like to thank Quitman Alexander and Terrance Phillips(owner of the fabulous "thriftique" Sara Janes) for turning me on to thrifting about 7 years ago . I want to make sure I tell an intimate story with my life and style thrifting allows me to have couture and live life prodigiously.

 I created Chimique Consulting as a play off my name Chimequea and off my love of all things French. Chimique is chemical in French and a chemical a substance that has been prepared. This thing called life has tested me tried and true and its a pleasure of mine to prepare others for the journey ahead as a coach of sorts all while shielding you fabulously in an amazing style all your own BE Chimique Chic with me and allow me to share my love of creating beauty and living in confidence with you. 

Thank you Jocelyn for this opportunity to tell a bit about myself.


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