TCG and Clare J Bath and Body Got out to MEET And GREET Members at Taste and See Coffee Shop

Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Every so often I go out to try and meet a few members in person. March 25th I hosted  the latest Meet & Greet at the beautiful Taste and See Coffee Shop & Gallery. I ( Thrifting Central Ga) invited a guest vendor Clarena Hoskins of Clare J.  Bath & Body Products who came with her handcrafted relaxation products to help make TCG thrift TCG Group group members feel welcome.
Clarena says :
 My products are made with love, care, and a few creative sparks! ;) Some of my favorite ingredients are salts for their ability to aid muscle soreness and Vitamin E for its skin health promotion.
My products are designed to bring the spa experience home and leave money in your wallet.

I brought some giveaways like cute shopping themed wine and martini glasses , the Rescue Mission Bargain Store donated gift card cards * I gave those to guests who dropped in.
We just chatted about what they like about the group , what they want to see , and had a serious discussion about doing a van thrift trip to Forsyth, Griffin and Atlanta .

Clarena Hoskins owner of CLARE J. BATH & BODY PRODUCTS  did FREE shoulder massages displayed her classic products and introduced her new  products which were all for sale at great prices.Clarena sends a big Thank You to everyone who shopped with her.

 The event lasted only two hours and we got good feedback and shoppers supported Clarena * So I call it a success **  I look forward to meeting more  new members  at a future event .

SAVVY SHOPPING ALERT **GNC- has Amazing Sales on End of Life Products

I stopped in my GNC to purchase vitamins the clerk was doing  lots of markdowns. So I decided to take a peek at what was being put on clearance. Low and behold there were LEAN shake products normally priced at $39.00 or higher were all marked down to $7.99 and $9.99.
Curious as to why the a price reduction so, I asked she said it is close to the USE BY date. I noticed that was almost two months away(giving me plenty of  time to consume it before that date ) , well I bought a few items.
Next time you are shopping for your GNC faves, take a minute to stroll by the clearance shelves, you never know what you might find .

Stay in a Yurt at High Falls or Your Local State Park !

My visit to a yurt at High Falls State Park in my thrifted velvet jacket and boots. 
Have you ever thought of going on an inexpensive weekend family trip? Well maybe the High Falls State Park is the stop for your family. It is  a weekend get away that offers close up with nature, fishing, hiking trails and a nice playground for the kids. I stopped in last Fall to get a closer look at the yurt ( an enclosed tent of sorts with bunk beds and protection from the elements) .I liked the yurt , which I call the modern spin on camping, because it offers the camping experience minus the tent and sleeping bags. This summer when you are making vacation plans and can't afford big resort prices check out your local state park, most offer great rates on lodges,cottages or just regular camping sites!

I Thrifted Me Some Pink for The International Cherry Blossom Festival

Friday, March 24, 2017

It's that time again when all of Macon is covered in Pink. Macon hosts the annual International Cherry Blossom Festival, also dubbed The Pinkest Party on Earth. This year's festival marks the 35th year of its' existence. I'll be out supporting it in my new thrifted Nike polo shirt. I scored it from the Rescue Mission Bargain Store this week. I scored other memorabilia from The Salvation Army and Goodwill.
Get out and help The Cherry Blossom Festival Team celebrate 35 wonderful years. This year’s festival runs from March 24th - April 1st! There is something for everyone, arts and crafts, Open Air Market, Cotton Ave. Revival Festival, food concessions and a Food Truck Frenzy on April 1st. Check the local paper for event schedules.

Here is an interesting clip I found on their website:
Each March, Macon becomes a pink, cotton-spun paradise as over 300,000 Yoshino cherry trees bloom in all their glory. For 10 days, festival-lovers are treated to one of the most extravagant displays of springtime color in the nation as they visit the town referred to by Congressional Records as the Cherry Blossom Capital of the World.

Please Go to their website  to learn about the fully story of a local Maconite the late William A. Fickling Sr., a local realtor, who discovered the first Yoshino cherry tree in Macon while strolling about in his backyard, and how Mrs. Carolyn Crayton went on to play a role in the beginning of a what has grown into to what it is 35 years later.

Enjoy Great Travel on any Budget with DESTIGOGO

Friday, March 17, 2017

It's that time of year  when everyone is thinking  about Spring Break !I know with the ups an downs in the economy some of you may think that you can't afford a trip. That's where DESTIGOGO  can help. I found about  DESTIGGO from a member in a thift group.The site was founded by brothers Roy and Kevin Jolin.
So, I took a look at the site, it helps you find a vacation spot based on your input of destinations you are interested in  traveling to. You just enter your budget and number of days you plan to stay at that destination.
The system then searches for prices  and quickly returns you a good list of options. Try DESTIGOGO  year round for all your travel needs.

The Best Day To Thrift Shop Is ?

Tuesday, March 14, 2017

 People are always asking me. "When’s the best day to thrift shop?” My quick answer is it’s a win/win anytime you visit.With the inventory changing daily or even hourly at thrift shops.

I’m a huge fan Sale Days, because of savings on top of savings works for me, so I try visiting a thrift store on its designated sale days. For example our Goodwill has started .99 cent Mondays and the Salvation Army tag color changes over to being 50 % off every Thursday.  My Thrift Group members who have the Official Purple Membership tote-bag also save an exclusive additional 10 %  off the already low % 50 off tag prices at the Salvation Army and at WEAR Thrift Shop (WEAR proceeds go to DePaul to fund assistance for the homeless). Deja Vous Consignment gives 15% off  to bag holders.
I go all through the week and early on weekends. The majority of Thrift shop donations occur during the weekend, however ; the weekend donations are most likely not tagged and available for purchase until Monday or Tuesday, so I start to shop then. 
Try thrifting on your lunch break , just swing by for 20 or 30 minutes, that’s all you need to score a deal.

What about you?
  Do you have a favorite day to thrift shop?
Are you more successful on the weekdays or weekend?

Thrifty Vintage Lovers -Maiesha Clarke Offers You VINTAGEchic

Monday, March 13, 2017

Since starting Thrifting Central Ga, I have had the privilege of meeting some really nice women. Recently, I was at a Brunch hosted by Ms. Tiffany Tillman, who allowed me and other guest to talk briefly about our business ventures, I spoke briefly about Thrifting Central Ga. , afterwards a young lady told me that her friend loved thrifting vintage items, I told her that I would love to connect with that young lady, So she gave me the VINTAGEChic Facebook info as a way to connect with Maiesha via messenger.
Shortly after that day Maiesha and I connected via messenger, and a few days later we met in person, she was so passionate about vintage items and the idea that thrifting allows her collection to grow into her current business venture Vintage Chic.

 Here is Maiesha's  story in her words :

I have always had a love for vintage clothing. That is one of the reasons why I love thrifting so much. My passion for people and fashion has helped me in both the professional and personal aspects of my life. I now work as a fashion retail manager. I get to stay on top of current fashion trends as well as develop solid relationships with awesome people.

Recently, I was asked to name something that I would do for free but one day get paid for, and shopping was the first thing that came to mind. I love to shop! I love it! I would spend so much of my free time shopping, that I had amassed a huge collection of clothing and accessories. I would find items that I just adored,  but couldn't possibly wear. I thought to myself, "Why don't I purchase this here, and resell it at a bargain price to other savvy shoppers?" Through this epiphany, VINTAGEchic was born. Please LIKE it on FaceBook

VINTAGEchic isn't only catered towards thrifted fashions. We are a lifestyle brand. We have specialty pages dedicated to couples, JustOne, and home decor, She's Design. VINTAGEchic is more than just a name. It's a movement. It's a brand created to inspire people to be themselves and that it doesn't have to cost hundreds to look good. I have one goal in life, and that's to live positively and hopefully inspire others to keep going and never give up.

Maiesha Lachae Clark

Savvy Shopping - Brand New Hobo International For Half Price

Saturday, March 11, 2017

For almost a year I have been visiting Ebay and other online spots trying to score me a Hobo International (Lauren Wallet). I even bought one on EBay, let's say the seller’s picture did not match the item I received, so Ebay refunded me.
Mom kept telling me to check out Nordstrom Rack Online .In Early December after several site visits and getting the SOLD OUT message I saw one I liked. I had finally gotten lucky it was hunter green and lovely. Once I placed my order the item came in about 5-7 days and I love it. It was brand new with all original packaging and dust cover.

The Lauren wallet has lots of card pockets and other useful storage compartments. Hobo International (Lauren) wallets retail for around $115.00. I paid half of that at Nordstrom Rack.


Shawn Cason is Helping Women Through T.H.R.I.F.T. 4 A Purpose

Monday, March 6, 2017

I'm always looking for and doing things for a cause , so when I come across others who have the same passion I get really excited.
 That's what happened when I came across T.H R.I.F.T 4 A Purpose on Instagram. It was inspiring when I looked closer and saw the meaning behind the InstaGram Tag.
 T.H.R.I.F.T (Transition Hope Restoration Improvement Faith and Transition)helping women across the world feel good about themselves going through an transitional time in their lives. I was so inspired to see another woman who uses  thrifting in terms of a bigger cause. I reached out to her and wanted to share her mission with others. Shawn uses proceed from her online thrift resale to help women ,so it was fitting to give her a shout out in Women's History Month to highlight some of today's women helping women.

Let's Meet Shawn!
Here is her story about T. H.R.I.F.T 4- A Purpose;

Hello All,
My name is Shawn Cason I have been empowering women in that community and thrifting for over 10 years. I opened a consignment store here in Buffalo New York in 2012 where I gave free clothing to women in need for interviews and religious events.

 My passion has also been helping women being adopted and having a mother addicted to drugs. I' am also a employee at the Buffalo City Mission Women's Shelter where I assist the homeless community.

With my passion of thrift shopping I started T.H.R.I.F.T (Transition Hope Restoration Improvement Faith and Transition)helping women across the world feel good about themselves going through an transitional time in their lives. My Vision and business is reselling gently worn fashion items for women you can find my inventory on InstaGram  @thrift_4_a_purpose & also  @the_thrift_store_challenge. Some of the proceeds from my sales support my cause to also travel to third world countries and help women. 

If you find it in your heart to donate please contact us at or also by phone at 1-716-909- 0951.

Career Women's Network - Women For Women

Wednesday, March 1, 2017

 Career Women's Network

I was CWN President 2014- 2015 ( jacket and necklace -thrifted)

March is is  set aside as Womens History month , so I decided to tell you about a great women's organization . That organization is Career Women's Network which was  founded over 35 years ago in Macon  and is still viable and thriving. I had the pleasure of serving as President of this wonderful organization from 2014-2015 . I love all the things these women
do outside of offering scholarships and recognizing the accomplishments of women's, we do other things in the community. Once each quarter our members volunteer to cook and serve meals to families at our local Ronald McDonald House and each December we buy gifts for children of Dept. Of Children's Services , and you know I love doing things for a bigger cause behind it. So this all makes me proud to be a member. Visit our website cwn  and see how you can join us.

Our current president is Mrs. Ann Lear.
Here is more about Career Women 's Network (as written on our website)
Career Women's Network of Macon is an organization whose purpose is to bring together women of achievement and influence to network ideas, experiences, and resources, and to solidify relationships that can enhance the image and effectiveness of women.

Career Women's Network of Macon aims to provide a strong network of professional contacts. The organization promotes and encourages members to become effective and visible community leaders; it also supports continuing education and professional development of women. One of the main objectives is to acknowledge the achievements and contributions of professional women in the community.

As part of Women's History Month, every year CWN honors its Women of Achievement.  This year's honorees are none other than CWN's own -
Dr. Terri Luhrs and Ms. Denny O. Jones.  
Please join us in celebrating the achievements of these exciting and dynamic women.

Since its founding in 1980, Career Women’s Network of Macon has been committed to the education of women. Each CWN Scholarship award is fulfillment of that commitment. The intent of the scholarships is to provide women an opportunity to further their education and to better prepare them for positions of leadership in the central Georgia community. You can apply for this year's  scholarship , but hurry  the Deadline is March 15th at 12:00pm (noon)
Please follow this link to complete the CWN Scholarship

Come visit CWN our monthly lunch meetings are held  every 1st Tuesday Noon - 1pm - Marriott City Center * 2nd Tues( September ) No Meeting in July *
Cost $20.00

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