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Thursday, February 23, 2017

Last Fall I had the chance to meet Mr. Jacquez Harris. The meeting came months after repeatedly being told that he was someone I needed to know. I found him to be a very well dressed and charming fellow. I learned that he is well respected here in the community as a fashion expert & stylist. JacQuez is also known for his wonderful works with youth groups and his I Am King Camp for boys. JacQuez can be spotted helping with lots of community causes. I am glad I met this young man who is going places a doing things for a cause!

So let's meet Mr. JacQuez Harris: The Stylist and Founder of The Luxe Life

In his own words: Here’s Luxe Life Fashion 

This Blog Post is Courtesy of JacQuez J Stylist-Southern Gentleman 

Fashion is forever evolving. 
We see trends come & go as the world turns.
I've been dressing myself since 2nd grade for school and church without my mother’s help. I've always had a strong desire to do something in fashion. The women and men in the house would always ask me to check them out before going out on Fridays or Church on Sunday. 
As a stylist with 15 years of experience in fashion retail, fashion visual, I strive to keep things fresh yet easy.
Fashion is an art, it's a spoken language of those who understand the magic of the third eye.
My desire is to show men and women who dress their man a few secrets and shortcuts on how to execute any look for any occasion. From the boardroom to the cigar lounge, I'm certain to give some insight on execution. 
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JacQuez J, Stylist


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