You Asked What Is The Difference Thrift vs. Consignment? Well Let me Tell Ya

Friday, January 27, 2017

What is Consignment?

 Lots of people have asked me what Consignment is.
Well the great ladies at Atlanta Consignment Store Website have summed it up
Consignment is a service where an entity (a consignment shop) sells items belonging to someone else (the consignor) for a percentage of the selling price. The items remain property of the owner until they are sold and no money is paid until that time. There are different types of consignment shops but the most common are shops for clothing and accessories and shops for furniture and home decor. ACS is specifically for shops that fall in to these 2 categories and are in brick and mortar buildings as opposed to “virtual” or E-Bay stores. However, some ACS shops do sell their store inventory on-line.
ACS shops receive items from people who have items they no longer want or need. Each shop has its own very specific guidelines for what they accept depending on that shop’s market niche, customer base and selling space. Price and percentages are determined by the individual shop owners as are markdowns, payment methods, consignment periods and pick up policies. In other words, each consignment shop has its own personality and policies so seek those that best fit your needs and your personality whether you are a potential consignor or a potential customer. Most consignment shoppers frequent consignment shops because they love the variety of merchandise they find and the customer service they receive by supporting small businesses.

The Next Question I get often is  What is Thrift ?
Aren’t thrift and consignment the same? If so why are they priced differently?
Well again great ladies at Atlanta Consignment Store Website have summed it up as well.

There is an organization, The National Association of Resale and Thrift Shops (NARTS) with a membership of over 1100 shops nationwide because there are many similarities in the 2 businesses in the resale industry. The main difference is that thrift stores receive their merchandise in the form of donations and the donor gets a tax receipt. They must deal with everything that is donated including the disposal of unsellable items. They sell the goods and the funds are used to sustain the store and the charity or the NFP that the store supports. They keep 100% of the money from the sale of the goods but they do have overhead and a charity to support. On the other hand, consignment shops choose what they accept for their shops and are for-profit. Money from the sale of goods is used to pay the consignor, run the business and hopefully, make a profit for the owner.
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