Groupon Can Help You Get Your Valentine's Groove On !

Tuesday, January 31, 2017

getting close to Valentine's Day. Lots of you are starting to plan your romantic date plans. There are many options for romantic getaways. I have been getting some really great offers via email from my Groupon account. If you are not familiar with Groupon, it is an online discount service that offers great deals on all types’ things like online courses, getaways, dining options, health & beauty etc. If you need plans for Valentine's Day  you can set up quite a romantic getaway for much less than  on traditional travel sites. It’s easy just get yourself a Groupon getaway dining special and pair it with a Groupon dining special in the same city. The whole process takes only a few minutes and you have your Valentine's weekend planned! Print it out or get the mobile app that you can just pull it up when you're ready to access and redeem it.

 If you don't have a GROUPON account, you should sign up for one. There is nothing to lose and worlds of bargains and deals to gain.

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You Asked What Is The Difference Thrift vs. Consignment? Well Let me Tell Ya

Friday, January 27, 2017

What is Consignment?

 Lots of people have asked me what Consignment is.
Well the great ladies at Atlanta Consignment Store Website have summed it up
Consignment is a service where an entity (a consignment shop) sells items belonging to someone else (the consignor) for a percentage of the selling price. The items remain property of the owner until they are sold and no money is paid until that time. There are different types of consignment shops but the most common are shops for clothing and accessories and shops for furniture and home decor. ACS is specifically for shops that fall in to these 2 categories and are in brick and mortar buildings as opposed to “virtual” or E-Bay stores. However, some ACS shops do sell their store inventory on-line.
ACS shops receive items from people who have items they no longer want or need. Each shop has its own very specific guidelines for what they accept depending on that shop’s market niche, customer base and selling space. Price and percentages are determined by the individual shop owners as are markdowns, payment methods, consignment periods and pick up policies. In other words, each consignment shop has its own personality and policies so seek those that best fit your needs and your personality whether you are a potential consignor or a potential customer. Most consignment shoppers frequent consignment shops because they love the variety of merchandise they find and the customer service they receive by supporting small businesses.

The Next Question I get often is  What is Thrift ?
Aren’t thrift and consignment the same? If so why are they priced differently?
Well again great ladies at Atlanta Consignment Store Website have summed it up as well.

There is an organization, The National Association of Resale and Thrift Shops (NARTS) with a membership of over 1100 shops nationwide because there are many similarities in the 2 businesses in the resale industry. The main difference is that thrift stores receive their merchandise in the form of donations and the donor gets a tax receipt. They must deal with everything that is donated including the disposal of unsellable items. They sell the goods and the funds are used to sustain the store and the charity or the NFP that the store supports. They keep 100% of the money from the sale of the goods but they do have overhead and a charity to support. On the other hand, consignment shops choose what they accept for their shops and are for-profit. Money from the sale of goods is used to pay the consignor, run the business and hopefully, make a profit for the owner.
**Info retrieved from

( Thrift and Shop ) I Do it For A Cause

Thursday, January 19, 2017

 I started Thrifting Central Georgia, because of my love of thrifting.
As I thrifted more in my community, I realized that most of the places I thrift all serve a need in the community. I began to encourage my thrift group members to take notice of the cause behind stores that they thrift/shop with.
I thrift for a cause at my local stores and at stores around Central Georgia.I make a extra effort to donate, and participate  in cause events hosted by organizations whose thrift stores I support.
There are lots of opportunities to thrift & shop for a cause such as:  The Rescue Mission Bargain Store, Tags of Hope Thrift Shoppe, The Salvation Army, WEAR, Goodwill , Hospice Thrift and many others.

I also support National Causes close to my heart. Last year I hosted a Pop Up Shop and donated a portion of my proceeds to the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society , I also did news interviews to help raise awareness about the good work done by the society.I donated coats to The  Rescue Mission and The Salvation Army. I sponsored a child from the Salvation Army Angel Tree , this past December several of my thrift group members and myself shopped for a child in need of Christmas gifts.
I will work even more to highlight causes this year and beyond.
Come on join me and my group and #thrift4acause and #shoplocal .
 Join the thrift group at

For A Cause-She is one Of the reasons I do it FOR A CAUSE

Thursday, January 12, 2017

Most readers know that my motto behind Thrifting Central Ga. is thrift for a cause. I have mentioned that two causes close to my heart are The Leukemia and Lymphoma Society and Breast Cancer Research Organizations. The Leukemia and Lymphoma Society, because my sister battled an aggressive form of leukemia in 2014 and 2015.
Breast Cancer Research because of  my sister in law's long battle with breast cancer.
Sadly, today my sister in law Dunyer Hunt lost her brave battle against breast cancer. It was her second bout and the disease which she was initially diagnosed with in 2002, she endured various treatments and it went into remission. We received the heartbreaking news that it came out of remission in 2014 , it was back with a vengeance. This brave lady faced it head on, we saw her have good days and bad days  and eventually  some really bad days, but she was mighty in battle all the way. My last visit with her was Tuesday January 10th , she sat up threw kisses and thanked us (her mom ) whom my amazing  parents made a five hour drive to bring to be with Dunyer .We were all a buzz, the whole room full of family had taken time to drop in to see her)!!Little did we know that less than 24 hours she would  suffer a seizure and in 24 more hours she would  be gone! May she rest now in a place of no more pain or sickness. We loved Dunyer and are going to truly miss her.
 Dunyer leaves behind a loving husband ( childhood sweetheart) of 23 years my brother Walter and their two boys, Kelton 19, a second year college student and 14 year old Joshua .
 In keeping with my Thrifting Central Georgia motto -#foracause I plan to donate a portion of  proceeds from one or more of my future events to Breast Cancer Research, United In Pink etc.

Thrifty Living- January A Thrifter's Jackpot

Saturday, January 7, 2017

As I go about dropping into local thrift stores these first weeks of January. I see some amazing items on the shelves and floor. January can be a shopping bonanza for thrifters.
The increase in inventory is due to end of the year donations From families wishing to get a donation receipt before January 1st . The receipt can be to used for tax purposes!
January thrifting offers thrifters lots more than clothing and shoes, there is everything from kids toys to home and yard decor. What are you waiting for get out there and support your local tnrift stores.
Next year you  should consider being  be a donor, the stores are always in need of donations.

No New Years Resolutions List** Yalonda Does A Blessings Jar

Sunday, January 1, 2017

I was trying to to think of what to blog about for New Years day, as I looked over various topics on social media. I  came across my friend  Yolanda Stubbs's feed on Instagram, she had a Blessing jar image there.
 I asked her to tell me more.  This is what she told me (  in her words ) .
Yalonda says,
I used a paper cutter to make my squares, but you can buy square construction paper at the store.  I put it in my bedroom.  I have added pictures on special occasions as well (like my wedding, trip pics, etc.),  I have put things in there like movie stubs, big accomplishments and milestones  (degree, new job, etc.). On weeks I didn't do much, I listed people who have blessed me or family members.
I even put the fake mustache I wore from Cinco de Mayo in there because it was my first time celebrating Cinco de Mayo.  I've stuffed popped balloons 🎈 from my birthday to remind me that I celebrated my birthday.  On New Year's Eve you sit around with family or significant other and open it up.  Many times people count only the bad things because those are the things we remember most.  So this reminds you of all the good.
I love this idea , so I resolve to start my Blessings jar for 2107 !.
Here is how it goes:
 In January  get a large empty jar. Each week add a note with a good thing that happened that week.
**On New Years Eve of the upcoming year ,empty the jar and read about the amazing year you have had.
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