No New Years Resolutions List** Yalonda Does A Blessings Jar

Sunday, January 1, 2017

I was trying to to think of what to blog about for New Years day, as I looked over various topics on social media. I  came across my friend  Yolanda Stubbs's feed on Instagram, she had a Blessing jar image there.
 I asked her to tell me more.  This is what she told me (  in her words ) .
Yalonda says,
I used a paper cutter to make my squares, but you can buy square construction paper at the store.  I put it in my bedroom.  I have added pictures on special occasions as well (like my wedding, trip pics, etc.),  I have put things in there like movie stubs, big accomplishments and milestones  (degree, new job, etc.). On weeks I didn't do much, I listed people who have blessed me or family members.
I even put the fake mustache I wore from Cinco de Mayo in there because it was my first time celebrating Cinco de Mayo.  I've stuffed popped balloons 🎈 from my birthday to remind me that I celebrated my birthday.  On New Year's Eve you sit around with family or significant other and open it up.  Many times people count only the bad things because those are the things we remember most.  So this reminds you of all the good.
I love this idea , so I resolve to start my Blessings jar for 2107 !.
Here is how it goes:
 In January  get a large empty jar. Each week add a note with a good thing that happened that week.
**On New Years Eve of the upcoming year ,empty the jar and read about the amazing year you have had.


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