Thrifty Living :My Fur Jacket - A Great Thrift Score

Saturday, December 31, 2016

 2016 was ending and I just scored my best find of the year. I scored a great black fur jacket.
On a quick trip this week up to Griffin Georgia I made a dash into the Christian Women's Thrift Store, just minutes after being there stumbled up in a nice black fur jacket. The jacket was priced at a mere $24.95. I thought what the heck I am going to go for it. I tried it on and what do know it was my size!

This ended up being part of my birthday gift collection.  I have been able to get some great thrift scores in 2016. I will continue to be a thrifty & savvy shopper 2017 and beyond.
What was YOUR best thrift find of 2016?
 Join me and my thrift group to share tips and finds !

Thrifty Living:My Recent Shoe Score

Friday, December 30, 2016

It's not secret that I love shoes.Yes all kinds , you may not see me in high heels often, but I love looking at all colors and style of shoes. A typical thrift store visit for me start is out in the shoe department and then to other departments. I recently scored two pair that I adore.
At WEAR thrift store downtown Macon , I scored a great pair Tony Lama cowgirl boots! Then just days later I dropped in to the Rescue Mission Bargain Center and scored a cute  pair of  multi colored spectator heels. I cleaned and wore both during the holidays.  Follow me and Join My thrift Group at  to learn how to score great stuff.
Thrifted Tony Lama Boots
Thrifted Multi Colored Spectators with Fun Socks

Savvy Shopping for Graphic Tees

Tuesday, December 27, 2016

I love reaching for a graphic tee to pair up with a pair jeans . I have seen prices range from $10.00 to as much as $30.00
I never pay crazy prices for one.
I have been lucky enough to score some cute ones for under $10.00  from closeout and fashion discount stores. Be a savvy shopper and check out those lil off the beaten path discount stores , you never know  what you might score.

Donate Your Excess and Enjoy A Tax Write Off

Tuesday, December 20, 2016

It is that time of year you might be contemplating what to do with all the excess stuff you have due to extra things you have accumulated from your thrift adventures. Well let me tell you, donating to charity  is a great option for reducing your excess.
The best way is to donate to your local charity.Your donation not only creates inventory, but helps create jobs like  those who conduct the sale transactions at the thrift well as jobs for someone to sort, hang and display the merchandise

The best part of it all is that you can write off your donation off on your taxes.When you drop off items at Goodwill, Salvation Army. The Rescue Mission ,WEAR, Tags of Hope. be sure to get a donation receipt. Use that receipt as proof of your charitable donation on your tax return.  That is like letting Uncle Sam pay you for your items.
What are you waiting of clean those closets, donate to your favorite charity and collect your tax benefit.

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