Nummy Buns- A Sweet Reward For Shopping Small and Local

Sunday, November 27, 2016

A few weeks ago I sat down with blogger Molly McWilliams Wilkins to brainstorm some ideas. I mentioned wanting to get to know more locals who are in small business. Molly asked if I had heard of or had a Nummy Bun, and I had not, so she gave me the name Britt McCauley wife of Kevin McCauley, Nummy Buns creator.
Well the next day I looked her up and we started an inbox dialogue and once I saw a picture of the buns I had to try one soon as I could. Britt met me with my bun delivery and an extra bonus a sample their new bread pudding and the rest is sweet history. I had my bun with a cup of good cold milk.  I warmed it per instructions and words cant' describe the sweet moist yumminess that followed, with a pecan surprise throughout. You gotta try one. The bread pudding was amazing as well. I had mine with dinner.  I love the idea of supporting small businesses. When you support Nummy Buns, you are literally supporting a mom-and-pop business. You can shop with Kevin & Britt McCauley  at and you can follow them on your favorite social media site at @freshnummybuns!

I asked Britt to tell me how it got stared .Here is their story in her words.
My husband, Kevin McCauley and I met while we both were working for Whole Foods Market in Nashville. I did marketing for them and my husband was a chef. Kevin is really passionate teaching and taught quite a bit for the Viking Cooking School in Franklin, TN.
Kevin was prepping for a bakery workshop when he found he didn't love their recipe for cinnamon rolls. In his experimentation, he created a recipe he really loved. When he gave our then two year old, Evie, a taste, she couldn't say "they're yummy" - it came out "da nummy!" And with that, the Nummy Bun was born!
We moved to Macon in August of 2015, pregnant with our second daughter, Elle, and ready to raise our Nummy Buns to the next level. We are licensed by the State of Georgia and available for purchase via our website, various middle GA stores, and select festivals and events.

Nummy Buns are made with organic dairy, Georgia pecans from McDaniel Family Farm in Elko, GA, unbleached flour, and never anything artificial! We also make a fantastic bread pudding from the Nummy Buns. When you buy our buns, we give you the recipe for the Nummy Buns bread pudding that we also now sell. Nummy Buns are available at at .


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