Meet Thriftanista Paula Gipson

Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Meet Thriftanista :Paula Gipson

My name is Paula Gipson and I am a resident of Atlanta, Georgia. I am a Death Investigator for the Georgia Bureau of Investigation. I have been an avid thriftier for the past 2 ½ years. I fell in love with Thrifting by various women I met in person and saw on social media. I was intrigued how they can piece together a high quality and fashionable outfit without breaking the bank. This is how I knew, that I had to put an end to my retail shopping. 
First, my thrifting philosophy is to learn to step out of your element when you are shopping for an outfit. Most people like to play it safe and stick to basic pieces they wear on a daily basis. Wearing bright colors, bold accessories, and printed clothing are fun ways to jazz up any outfit. Also, check and feel the quality of the item that you are putting in your closet. You never want to buy a piece of clothing that is going to fall apart after a couple of wears. You want it to last for a long time. 
Secondly, the favorite places that I love to shop are the Goodwill’s in the Buckhead and Perimeter area. I know when I shop in those areas, I am able to find high quality items whether they are brand name or no name. Plato’s Closet is a great place for me to find my heels, boots, and purses. 
Third, I will never thrift under garments, bathing suits, or running shoes. 
The best thrift tip I can give anyone that is learning how to thrift is if you are shopping at Goodwill, the best time to go is Sunday. Sunday is the day that the color of the week changes. You are more likely to get items 50% off if you go that day. Also, try to follow your favorite thrift stores on social media. There are certain days of the week that they have major blow out sales, or give discounts based on the day of the week or occupation. 
My best thrift find was from Goodwill Perimeter. I found brand new Michael Kors heels for $6.00. Since it is fall and I love the color green, I found a brand new Michael Kors forest green dress for $10.00 at Plato’s Closet. That same day, I got a dark orange brand new Dana Buchman purse for $8.00, that retails for $69.00. 
I am big into turning some basic pieces, into high quality fashionable items you will see in a magazine. Here are some pictures of myself doing it:
Content Contributor Paula Gipson


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