Keep Your Nails Cute With This Thrifty Option (Polish Change )

Friday, October 14, 2016

I have become more conscious of my nails since mom kept at me about it.
I admit there are times I would rather spend the time and money elsewhere, but cute fresh nail colors are nice . I recently dropped in my nail shop, it was late so,  I was offered the option of just getting a polish change instead of the full experience. I opted for that option , they filed and clipped my nails  removed old polish and repainted my nails with a new color,  I got a fresh looking set of nails and toes for under $20.00 .You can save money this way too, just get your nails and pedicure done professionally once a month then use a good moisturizer each day , go back after 2 weeks and get the polish change option. It is a thrifty way to have cute nails all the time for half the price. 


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