I Enjoyed A Weekend DayTrip on a Dime

Saturday, October 29, 2016

Earlier this month I went on a day trip to another state.
Two friends and I loaded into my SUV ( which gets 31 MPG)**.
Yes I said 31 miles to the the gallon , with a 13 gallon tank it's quite the gas saver, and great for road trips.
That is exactly why me and two friends got together shared gas expenses and set out to go visit  a friend in Montgomery, Alabama which is one state and 3.5 hours drive away.

Needless to say girls trips are always fun. We filled up for $21.00 dollars in Macon , and three hours and thirty minutes later ( lots of fun conversations )  we were at her house in my home state of Sweet Home Alabama.
Our day consisted of our friend taking us on stops at various historic spots. such as The Dexter Avenue Memorial Church where Dr. Martin Luther King once was the pastor,  The Dexter Avenue
( Ministers' Home ) part of the Dr. King Memorial stops , The Rosa Parks Center, The Capital of Montgomery and more. We also visited the beautiful downtown area , as a  matter of fact we topped off our day by dining on some great seafood  at  Wintzell's Seafood located downtown Montgomery ..

The return trip gas fee was only $15.00  and I had over a fourth of a tank of gas once I got back to Macon. This is thrifty way to enjoy a day trip on a dime*


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