I Enjoyed A Weekend DayTrip on a Dime

Saturday, October 29, 2016

Earlier this month I went on a day trip to another state.
Two friends and I loaded into my SUV ( which gets 31 MPG)**.
Yes I said 31 miles to the the gallon , with a 13 gallon tank it's quite the gas saver, and great for road trips.
That is exactly why me and two friends got together shared gas expenses and set out to go visit  a friend in Montgomery, Alabama which is one state and 3.5 hours drive away.

Needless to say girls trips are always fun. We filled up for $21.00 dollars in Macon , and three hours and thirty minutes later ( lots of fun conversations )  we were at her house in my home state of Sweet Home Alabama.
Our day consisted of our friend taking us on stops at various historic spots. such as The Dexter Avenue Memorial Church where Dr. Martin Luther King once was the pastor,  The Dexter Avenue
( Ministers' Home ) part of the Dr. King Memorial stops , The Rosa Parks Center, The Capital of Montgomery and more. We also visited the beautiful downtown area , as a  matter of fact we topped off our day by dining on some great seafood  at  Wintzell's Seafood located downtown Montgomery ..

The return trip gas fee was only $15.00  and I had over a fourth of a tank of gas once I got back to Macon. This is thrifty way to enjoy a day trip on a dime*

I Bought My Pumpkin To Help Feed a Child!

Wednesday, October 26, 2016

If you live in North Macon or drive through Forest Hill Drive , then you have seen the rows of pumpkins spread over the lawn of Forest Hill United Methodist Church . Well those pumpkins are not just out there to decorate the church lawn , they are there as part of an annual fundraiser for the Forest Hills United Methodist Church. Sales of the pumpkins help fund the church based  Back Pack Ministry, their  ministry helps to feed over 1,200 children from three different counties.

 I have seen this wonderful program from both sides. First as a volunteer with Jr. League of Macon (I bagged up the foods to go into back packs that go to help feed kids in the county. Over the last two years as an active Jr. League Member, I have also participated at the actual in school back pack donation days at selected schools in Bibb County. The league helps Back Pack Buddies as part of the league Community Impact Projects.

 I got my pumpkin. You should help this great cause and go get your pumpkin too. **The Ministry is always in need of food items and volunteers to pack the bags each week. If you can help  please go  to the church website under the service tab.


Buy a Pumpkin, Feed a Child!
                                                     Forest Hills United Methodist Church
Hours beginning October 2:
Monday-Saturday, 9:30 am-7:30 pm
Sunday, 12:00 pm-7:30 pm

Forest Hills United Methodist Church.
The Back Pack Ministry began in February of 2011 with 9 students from Lane Elementary. In the years that have followed we've grown to service over 1,200 children across 19 schools and 3 counties. ...But not only did our program grow, we've inspired seven other churches to create their own programs which now serve an addition 450 students with food, clothes, & school supplies.

Fun Weekend Collaborating with Friends- Sara Jane's ( FUR SHOW 2016 )

Tuesday, October 18, 2016

I enjoyed a fun filled weekend with fellow TCGA member Crystal Pitts  and friends with the added bonus of networking with a local vintage shop called Sara Jane's.
Terrance Phillips and team(Chimequa Johnson and Brandon Phillips) put on a wonderful (FurShow).
The show featured fabulous furs of all colors, styles and sizes. There was also some nice things for the guys in each of the four scenes.
I was invited and allowed to set up my marketing display.To my surprise I was given a chance to pitch Thrifting Central Georgia to the audience.  This was a great opportunity to meet new people and support Terrance and  Sara Jane's
Can't wait til the next show.

Keep Your Nails Cute With This Thrifty Option (Polish Change )

Friday, October 14, 2016

I have become more conscious of my nails since mom kept at me about it.
I admit there are times I would rather spend the time and money elsewhere, but cute fresh nail colors are nice . I recently dropped in my nail shop, it was late so,  I was offered the option of just getting a polish change instead of the full experience. I opted for that option , they filed and clipped my nails  removed old polish and repainted my nails with a new color,  I got a fresh looking set of nails and toes for under $20.00 .You can save money this way too, just get your nails and pedicure done professionally once a month then use a good moisturizer each day , go back after 2 weeks and get the polish change option. It is a thrifty way to have cute nails all the time for half the price. 

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