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Friday, August 19, 2016

It was August 2014 ,
My family was rocked with the news that my sister Kelley had Acute Myeloid Leukemia. Kelley’s life was changed drastically for almost two years. There were daily doses of plasma and blood transfusions as the very aggressive form of leukemia ate away at her blood cells, she was hospitalized at Northside Hospital in Atlanta immediately after the diagnosis, and remained in and out of for almost a year. 

 Within weeks of the diagnoses and initial treatment doctor realized that the only way to save her life was to do a stem cell transplant. That type of life saving transplant must come from donors who matches at least 6 of 10 of the genetic markers. Family members (siblings are potential donors they start testing via DNA swab), because sibling may be the best shot at meeting the criteria. **contrary to belief good donors are not always or automatically family members in fact, it is actually rare according the staff at Northside Hospital.

In our case I ended up being a perfect match, which was the best case scenario for her form of leukemia.  I am glad to say that as of April 4, 2016 Kelley Cooper was declared to be in remission and tests of the stem cell growth and health was positive.

 Kelley attended the Leukemia and Lymphoma National Fundraiser – Light the Night last year in Atlanta she worked the survivors’ tent, she was not strong enough to do the walk. I am happy to report that she has formed TEAM KELLEY to walk this year. Several family members will make up the team. You can Donate today at

I’m having a thrift Pop Up Shop---J and J’s Thrift Pop Up Shop  Sept. 3rd-at  2055 Eisenhower Parkway -Macon   11am -  4pm  and I will be donating part of my proceeds to her & the society !! I hope the community come out and shop for a cause! Help End Blood All Blood Cancers!!!


  1. I am so happy you kicked cancer in the butt..Kelly ..Good job!!

  2. Thanks so much for being my stem cell donor....Love Love Love you


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