Thrifting for Home Decor

Friday, July 29, 2016

Thrift shops are a great option for so much more than clothing. From great bar stools ( I scored a pair a few years  years ago for $15)  to great crystal vases and glasses. Thrift shops are full of home decor items . You never have to pay retail for home decor or accent pieces. There are many unique accent items that can be found in abundance at most thrift stores. Buy them, be creative use them to add  personality to your shelves, mantle or office.Try thrifting a few cool books with colorful or interesting covers then use them to decorate coffee tables or office space.  I’ve also found a few unique chairs at thrift shops, you could use them to create a neat cozy sitting space in your bedroom or any empty corner.

 The options really are endless.So go browse the home decor section!

Have you ever decorated with items from the thrift shop?

Do you check the home section before or after you thrift for clothes?


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