My $15.00 Find is Worth $1,290 - But Priceless To Me

Sunday, July 17, 2016

I scored  majorly at The Rescue Mission I recently found a Lazy Boy leather recliner for a mere $15.00, both arms and the headrest area were faded.  I took it home sat it in the backyard cleaned the leather and disinfected it all over. I looked under it and found owner's manual still in the plastic bag.
To my surprise I learned that the recliner is a $1,290.00.chair, so I really did score big. To further improve the chair for use I went to Big Lots and found a thrifty priced  Sure Fit cover for around $40.00( normally they cost around $80.00 ) .
The new cover gave the recliner a new look that matches my decor. I'm super pleased with this find! It is super comfy .
Go check out Big Lot's large selection of Sure Fit products , they have sofa and chair covers for under $50.00.


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