Thrifting for Home Decor

Friday, July 29, 2016

Thrift shops are a great option for so much more than clothing. From great bar stools ( I scored a pair a few years  years ago for $15)  to great crystal vases and glasses. Thrift shops are full of home decor items . You never have to pay retail for home decor or accent pieces. There are many unique accent items that can be found in abundance at most thrift stores. Buy them, be creative use them to add  personality to your shelves, mantle or office.Try thrifting a few cool books with colorful or interesting covers then use them to decorate coffee tables or office space.  I’ve also found a few unique chairs at thrift shops, you could use them to create a neat cozy sitting space in your bedroom or any empty corner.

 The options really are endless.So go browse the home decor section!

Have you ever decorated with items from the thrift shop?

Do you check the home section before or after you thrift for clothes?

My $15.00 Find is Worth $1,290 - But Priceless To Me

Sunday, July 17, 2016

I scored  majorly at The Rescue Mission I recently found a Lazy Boy leather recliner for a mere $15.00, both arms and the headrest area were faded.  I took it home sat it in the backyard cleaned the leather and disinfected it all over. I looked under it and found owner's manual still in the plastic bag.
To my surprise I learned that the recliner is a $1,290.00.chair, so I really did score big. To further improve the chair for use I went to Big Lots and found a thrifty priced  Sure Fit cover for around $40.00( normally they cost around $80.00 ) .
The new cover gave the recliner a new look that matches my decor. I'm super pleased with this find! It is super comfy .
Go check out Big Lot's large selection of Sure Fit products , they have sofa and chair covers for under $50.00.

I Care So I Shop at We Care

Monday, July 11, 2016

When I started Thrifting Central Georgia my goal was to encourage and inspire
my fellow avid thrifters to be mindful of where the dollars they thrift with really go.
In other words thrift for a cause! ( #thrift4acause )
I personally love thrifting for a cause, in fact that's is one of my hashtags that I ask  my members to use. Thrifting for causes such as to support agencies that help fight poverty, homelessness , women's ministries and so on.
There is one thrift store I stumbled upon a few years back , located in my childhood community it's called We Care Thrift Store in Monroeville Alabama. I have always scored great clothing items there. But the biggest score for me is that I'm helping fund a cause that many may not think of , that cause is prison ministry. Prison ministries serve a need of ministering renewed thinking and spiritual counseling to inmates. There are resources needed to provide the ministry  such as bibles and inspirational literature used  to help a prisoner see a vision for a better future. Lots of funds are needed and that is where We Care comes in .

 The mission statement on The We Care Website says it all.
         We Care Thrift Store Mission Statement
We Care Program operates four thrift stores to help generate funds for the ministry. Donations of clothing and miscellaneous items are delivered to the stores by the surrounding communities. After expenses, one hundred percent of the net proceeds goes directly toward the support of We Care’s life-changing prison chaplaincy services.

A bottle Tree is My Next Thrift Goal !

Wednesday, July 6, 2016

I love neat yard art and I think bottle trees add a unique touch to any landscape. I visited a friend of mine recently.  I could not  resist getting  a photo with her large carefully placed bottle tree. Later in my visit we discussed the tree , I was fascinated to learn that most of her bottles were gifted from a once thriving eatery in the area! She said that the owner would save the colorful wine bottles up for her. I'm hoping to  get a tree then find me some interesting bottles on my various thrift and antiquing outings! I will be sure to share my completed tree project with you all!

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