Fairy Gardens Oh I want one !

Thursday, June 30, 2016

I am fascinated with the hot new thing , It's fairy gardens, nice gardens created in backyard spaces. Fairy Gardens can have a theme set by its creator. My friend Ms. Bryant has one of the cutest hers theme is " Waiting for the fairies to move in" features tiny lil houses , great landscapes even a backyard pool. I asked how to get started on my own she says picking the right foundation is key hers is believe or not set on hop of a round wrought iron table ( the holes make for great drainage) !

 Ms. Bryant is an avid gardener her fairy garden has elements to reflect her love of gardens . Notice in the pics below , she has lots of details such as succulents . White Picket fences even a little moped and birdhouse nice rocks all to give it such realistic appeal .

If I were a fairy this is a place I would be happy to call home. I can't wait to find just the right Thrifted foundation piece , so I can get started creating my very own fairy garden. Now when I'm out thrifting will be on the look out for tiny items to put into my future fairy garden. I'll turn to Ms. Bryant for guidance. Keep an eye out on my blog! I'll be sure to share pics when I complete my very own fairy garden.


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