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Thursday, June 16, 2016

I purchased a  $5.00  plastic upper torso that I scored at The Salvation Army issue with it was that it was very awkward to find a spot to hang clothing on it for posting and sharing pictures of clothing for  Instagram and Posh. So a friend had a brilliant idea to use PVC pipe and the base from and old globe stand to make a free standing dress form. See in the pics he drilled small holes and attached the torso to the PVC pipe with zip ties. The pipe was cut to a perfect length to give me a finished  height good for  hanging maxi dresses etc.

Dress form project number two( below with the sequined blouse )  involved a new dress form I purchased from Jo Ann's Fabric store , the problem was it was too short and clothing dragged on the floor ,so my friend added some additional height by attaching a section of PVC pipe and screwing it to the dress form pole ( the pipe is slightly larger than the form base pole), so it slides right over it and screws tight  helping to add a few more inches of height . 
Wouldn't you agree these are clever and inexpensive ways to create or customize a dress form?

$5.00 Upper Torso Form** see we connected it  to PVC
Dress Form from Jo Ann's Fabrics **
Dress Form from Jo Anns Fabrics **see the extension piece **


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