Fairy Gardens Oh I want one !

Thursday, June 30, 2016

I am fascinated with the hot new thing , It's fairy gardens, nice gardens created in backyard spaces. Fairy Gardens can have a theme set by its creator. My friend Ms. Bryant has one of the cutest hers theme is " Waiting for the fairies to move in" features tiny lil houses , great landscapes even a backyard pool. I asked how to get started on my own she says picking the right foundation is key hers is believe or not set on hop of a round wrought iron table ( the holes make for great drainage) !

 Ms. Bryant is an avid gardener her fairy garden has elements to reflect her love of gardens . Notice in the pics below , she has lots of details such as succulents . White Picket fences even a little moped and birdhouse nice rocks all to give it such realistic appeal .

If I were a fairy this is a place I would be happy to call home. I can't wait to find just the right Thrifted foundation piece , so I can get started creating my very own fairy garden. Now when I'm out thrifting will be on the look out for tiny items to put into my future fairy garden. I'll turn to Ms. Bryant for guidance. Keep an eye out on my blog! I'll be sure to share pics when I complete my very own fairy garden.

Wild About My Thrifted Blouse

Wednesday, June 29, 2016

All  last week I have been dressed in thrift store attire.
This one is a fave it's a brown and beige animal printed blouse that I paired with thrifted brown dressy denim look pants. I have fallen in love with prints like leopard and other animal prints. I seek out those prints when I am out on weekly thrift trips to local thrift stores.

Do you have a favorite fashion trend or item that you thrift for ?
Sammy dress

Wild About My Thrifted Blouse

All  last week I have been dressed in thrift store attire.
This one is a fave it's a brown and beige animal printed blouse that I paired with thrifted brown dressy denim look pants. I have fallen in love with prints like leopard and other animal prints. I seek out those prints when I am out on weekly thrift trips to local thrift stores.

Do you have a favorite fashion trend or item that you thrift for ?
Sammy dress

Grab a Good Book- Thrifted Books Make For Great Reading

Monday, June 27, 2016

In the world of  Ebooks online reading formats. I am still a fan of  holding an actual book in my hand.Goodwill's Good Books Caf'e is my local spot for great current titles on all subject matter such  as the new Paleo Diet and gardening books.

 The Good Books CafĂ© has an inventory of around gently used 15, 00 books. The donated books have  titles that cover every subject matter.

Funds from cafe' items and book sales to help support Goodwill's job training and placement services.
I scored some amazing gardening guides and some hardback on current diet and health programs.

The most I paid was $4.00 for the Paleo Diet ! Don’t pay too much for recent titles or collectibles that you might have missed out on. Don't  forget to enjoy a good sandwich or coffee and a pastry before you leave the caf'e. The store is located adjacent to the Goodwill Emporium Store
at 5171 Eisenhower Pkwy, Macon, GA 31206 

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Locally Grown Looofah -Who Knew

Saturday, June 25, 2016

I love keeping my skin exfoliated.  Recently I was at my local Wesleyan Market for their monthly  market on the Wesleyan College Campus . While there I came upon a vendor with loofah, she grows it  on her farm in Central Ga.

  I never really thought about where loofah came from. I was told it grows and looks similar to a gourd , the skin is taken off and the insides are dried and yields loofah. I  look forward to using my loofah with my ( thrifty priced body scrub ) from the Semi Annual Blowout Sale from Bath and Body Works. 
That sale occurs twice a year every  January and June ,so get ready to stock up on your faves.

About My Thrifting in Harper Lee's Hometown

Tuesday, June 21, 2016

This Spring I visited my home and had the chance and thrifted at We Care Thrift Store. In Monroeville, Alabama (Dubbed the Literary Capital of Alabama in 1997)*
What makes Monroeville, Alabama Special?
It is the perfect location to spend your time far away from the busy life you can find in the larger towns, but it also has an astounding legacy as well.
Aside from the interesting architecture and interesting history, Monroeville is also known as being the hometown of 2 major writers that activated during the post-WWII period, mainly Harper Lee and Truman Capote. The interesting thing is that not only did these two writers live during the same period, but they also were childhood friends in the 1930’s.
Harper Lee.
The author was born in 1926 in Monroeville and she recently passed away (February 19 2016), leaving behind a massive legacy. She is widely known for her novel named To Kill a Mockingbird that received a Pulitzer Prize in 1961, offering her the ability to become a classic of modern American literature. She received a Presidential Medal of Freedom in 2007 that managed to bring in front her support and contribution to the American literature throughout the years. Her last publication was  Go Set A Watchman . 
She had a great connection with Truman Capote because not only was he used as the basis for the character Dill in her book, she also helped him to perform research for his book named In Cold Blood. The hometown museum in Monroeville offers a variety of pictures that showcase the legacy Harper Lee left for the city. Thanks to her work she managed to make Monroeville a lot more popular and that brought in a quite a lot of possibilities. She is also known as a great representative of the Monroe County High School where she studied an actually developed a lot of interest for the English literature.
Truman Capote
Truman Capote wasn’t born in Monroeville, but he did came here after his parents divorced. He was only 4 years of age at that time and he was raised by his mother’s relatives. Here’s where he managed to meet Harper Lee with whom he developed a great friendship.
If you like culture and these two writers in particular, then visiting Monroeville will allow you to obtain a great insight into their life, all while understanding how their award-winning novels were created and in what conditions! 
 Don’t forget to check out the We Care Thrift Shop on the square right across from the Courthouse Museum!

 I always thrift at We Care Thrift Store when I go back to Monroeville a few times a year to visit my parents.

Love of Thrifting and Meeting Keren Charles Inspired Me to Follow My Dream

Sunday, June 19, 2016

A year ago I was recovering from several major back to back surgeries , the most major one had me home for eight weeks.I had lots time each day,  so I would spend my days checking out the great finds of my fellow Thrift Atlanta group members.
I had thrifted for over 20 years, I wondered if I could share my love of thrifting with a larger audience in Central Ga. I decided to reach out to Keren Charles, the Founder of Thrifting Atlanta she was cordial and agreed that my idea sounded feasible, we worked together for about a month, setting up my Facebook pages, Instagram Page and Blog website. Once it was all complete , Thrifting Central Ga. was born. I must say it has been a great year of learning. I tried various things, some of which I will not repeat. I will tweak things that worked and try them again. I plan to give Thrifting Central Ga. my own twist and use the blog to highlight what it's like to live a thrifty lifestyle.

Let me tell you why Keren Charles is so inspiring.

Keren is not only the Founder of Thriftng Atlanta , but she is also Dir. of Operation Prom Dress, she is the brains behind a style blog named Two Stylish Kays. Perhaps Keren is best  known for her Thrift Atlanta  Bus Tours, she has been been featured on media outlets and in fashion publications like ebony.com, and Tastemaker magazine. I am glad I got to know her. The saying is true beautiful minds inspire others ! Keren inspired me.

Check Out My Custom Made Dress Forms. PVC Pipe Is My Secret !

Thursday, June 16, 2016

I purchased a  $5.00  plastic upper torso that I scored at The Salvation Army issue with it was that it was very awkward to find a spot to hang clothing on it for posting and sharing pictures of clothing for  Instagram and Posh. So a friend had a brilliant idea to use PVC pipe and the base from and old globe stand to make a free standing dress form. See in the pics he drilled small holes and attached the torso to the PVC pipe with zip ties. The pipe was cut to a perfect length to give me a finished  height good for  hanging maxi dresses etc.

Dress form project number two( below with the sequined blouse )  involved a new dress form I purchased from Jo Ann's Fabric store , the problem was it was too short and clothing dragged on the floor ,so my friend added some additional height by attaching a section of PVC pipe and screwing it to the dress form pole ( the pipe is slightly larger than the form base pole), so it slides right over it and screws tight  helping to add a few more inches of height . 
Wouldn't you agree these are clever and inexpensive ways to create or customize a dress form?

$5.00 Upper Torso Form** see we connected it  to PVC
Dress Form from Jo Ann's Fabrics **
Dress Form from Jo Anns Fabrics **see the extension piece **

Aphogee Can Help Save My Hair !

Tuesday, June 14, 2016

I have been suffering through some hair issues, damage from having my hair color changed recently. 
  My hair is fine, so it doesn't take much to cause it to start breaking. I have always used used some of the Aphogee product line as part of my hair care regimen ,it is affordable and works. Earlier this year I started using the Aphogee Keratin 2 Minute leave in conditioner. I have also used the Two - Step Protein Treatment off and on for years. I first learned of its effectiveness years ago at a beauty school.  Of course the thrifter in me made it easy to turn to the school as inexpensive way of getting my hair done. When I started going there my hair was damaged . The instructor used a smelly product called Aphogee on my damaged hair and it worked wonders ,best of all the Aphogee protein treatment treats hair up to six weeks!  This weekend I turned to Aphogee again to get my hair back in pre-color condition.

What is your hair care secret weapon? 

Take Your ThriftLife Outside This Summer!

Sunday, June 12, 2016

I love being out in my yard , mostly working with my flowers. But there are the times now more often than not I find myself just wanting to relax. Relaxing is easy when your outdoor deck is outfitted in free or thrift items. Pictured below is an old bakers rack I spotted laying curbside in my neighborhood , so YESS I stopped , spoke with the homeowner she said the glass shelf broke and she was trashing the rack . I put it in my trunk and off I went . It was a dull  green I went to Lowe's and  got a few cans of black spray paint and  a piece of pressure treated word  to put where the glass shelf once was , and boom  I have a deck side bar. Then luck would have it , about year ago a coworker was getting his wife some new patio furniture and donating the old! YESS I accepted it and me and the black paint did it again! Also I love thrifting cute glassware, pictured are some nice garden themed ones from my collection.
 What about you do you thrift home goods  or gardendecor?

Get more for your Money on Tuesday at Panera Bread!

Thursday, June 9, 2016

I went into Panera Bread today and to my surprise they have Bagel Tuesday's ! Yes you can get a baker's dozen ( 13 ) fresh bagels for only $6.99 on Tuesday.This is a great deal great for morning time office meeting For my work meetings I usually get us my fave , the cinnamon crunch bagel. I always splurge and add a tub of the wonderful maple walnut flavored cream cheese spread. So why not schedule your next meeting for a Tuesday and treat your staff to a baker's dozen of your favorite bagel from Panera Bread!

My Thrifty Substitute for the Urban Decay Nudes Palette!

Sunday, June 5, 2016

In my effort to stay thrifty, I decided to try out the Maybelline version of " The Blushed Nudes"eye shadow color palette, I made my purchase at ULTA. The Maybelline Nudes palette is priced much less than some other brands. We will see how it goes . I'm setting up an appointment for a makeup application session with Make Up by Ashley I will ask her to use it, then I will come back here and post some pics from our session.

My Free Photo BackDrop- Offers Insight Into Macon's Musical History !

Saturday, June 4, 2016

Leaving church one Sunday I spotted this great painting on the side of an old building on Riverside Drive. I jumped out and used it as a backdrop .I knew it would be nice to use in a future blog post. It was later on that I decided to use it in this post about Macon’s rich musical history.  This large image of a guitar and musical note is a great visual in a list of others around Macon.
 These images help enhance the Visitors Bureau Promo theme "Macon Where Soul Lives", little things like this gives our visitors a real sense of our commitment to music. There are so many other great reminders spread all around Macon. 
If you are willing to get out and about; there is so much to see and learn about the rich musical history of Macon you can see places like Lil Richard Pennyman Blvd., The Big House a Museum for the Allman Brothers and of course the nice Otis Redding statue on the Ocmulgee River, and the famous Capricorn recording studio just to name a few. Phil and Allen Walden, Little Richard, Duane and Greg Allman, Otis Redding all helped Macon become noted for a rich musical history.
My thrifted  red pea coat was scored from Goodwill !
My scarf was thrifted from The Salvation Army !

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