Enjoying the benefits of YETI at less than half the price!

Saturday, May 7, 2016

I was recently about to take the plunge and get myself one of the ever popular Yeti tumblers, when a coworker told me he knew of a cheaper alternative that offered the same benefits. It was then I was introduced to Rtic , well I decided it was worth taking a look at , heck even with taking a chance and purchasing one. I'm glad I decided to try Rtic . I love my 30 oz.  stainless steel tumbler. I have filled it full of ice  went out about my day, let it sit in my vehicle  in direct sunlight and yes the ice stayed intact! My next test was it to see how many hours it would hold ice, let me tell you after 2 days and a half my tumbler still had ice in it. I have convinced friends to try Rtic and they all love it and love the idea of getting two of them for the cost of a Yeti. I don't leave home for errands without mine. Best product referral I have gotten in a long time!


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