I stumbled upon the 3rd Annual Glam Gala hosted by MY SISTER YOUR SISTER

Saturday, April 23, 2016

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 I was strolling through Facebook back in March and came across an event that was going to be by My Sister Your Sister. It read something, like join us for our annual day of food, fashion, fitness, beauty, networking and more at our 3rd Annual Glam Gala
  I needed the chance to network more and I saw the local connection, so I got my ticket. Little did I know I would meet two of the nicest ladies that are part of the trio calling themselves MY SISTER YOUR SISTER  Alicia  Bolton and Ashley.

Ashley is currently a highly sought after freelance Make-up Artist in Middle Ga., she spent 11 years in the banking industry before deciding to step out and pursue her dream of being a Makeup Artist. She started her company Makeup by Ashley,   where she continues to enjoy steady client growth. 
 Alicia has always strived to be fashion forward while running an online lifestyle store; she is also actively styling and assisting clients. Alicia has recently written a children’s book. Get to know Marley, the first installment of The Marley Adventures. I got my goddaughter a copy. I have reached out for her expertise as I try to complete my one children’s book.

Margo the third sister is Active Duty Air Force stationed in Japan which explains why she was not able to attend the GLAM GALA, but I hear is the go-to girl for all things glam. 
I truly enjoyed the 3rd Annual Glam Gala. There were great venders there offering everything from beauty product, jewelry, financial tips and services to event planners and Zumba and health coaches. I am glad I found these ladies. I’m in talks to have my make-up done and share my expertise in thrifting with Ashley. I have been in communications with Alicia about book writing and hopefully attend her upcoming Business & Brunch event. The ladies were gracious enough to allow me to tell the group about Thriftng Central Ga. I have gained a few more thrift group members as a result.

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