My Gifted Spa Day Number Two-.This Time with Aesthetics Anti-Aging Center

Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Aesthetics Anti-Aging Center Macon North
I took time out this week to do a second recharge, I did a spa day or I must say a spa afternoon. spent time at Aesthetics Anti-Aging Center in a relaxing environment with a private treatment room and tranquil music, during my appointment, the owner Tarcia Tripp performed my HydraFacial, which has since been named the #1 in spa treatment by New Beauty magazine. The HydraFacial MD® treatment utilizes super-serums filled with antioxidants, peptides and hyaluronic acid to boost hydration, help address the signs of aging and protect skin from environmental leaving it recharged, renewed, and invigorated. Tarcia was very professional and provided great tips for skin maintenance. My face is fully reinvigorated.

 I was not done with just the Hydra-facial. I also had an amazing massage done by a great massage therapist. Kimberly Culler was very professional and wow what magic hands she has. I felt relief allover as she treated the problem areas with the right amount of pressure and attention.

 I thoroughly recommend if you need to slow down and treat yourself to some quality pampering . You need to contact Tarcia Tripp and set up your appointment today at (478) 207-5088)
 I was VERY PLEASED with the facial, massage and the overall experience. I will definitely go back, my experience was very positive.

I stumbled upon the 3rd Annual Glam Gala hosted by MY SISTER YOUR SISTER

Saturday, April 23, 2016

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 I was strolling through Facebook back in March and came across an event that was going to be by My Sister Your Sister. It read something, like join us for our annual day of food, fashion, fitness, beauty, networking and more at our 3rd Annual Glam Gala
  I needed the chance to network more and I saw the local connection, so I got my ticket. Little did I know I would meet two of the nicest ladies that are part of the trio calling themselves MY SISTER YOUR SISTER  Alicia  Bolton and Ashley.

Ashley is currently a highly sought after freelance Make-up Artist in Middle Ga., she spent 11 years in the banking industry before deciding to step out and pursue her dream of being a Makeup Artist. She started her company Makeup by Ashley,   where she continues to enjoy steady client growth. 
 Alicia has always strived to be fashion forward while running an online lifestyle store; she is also actively styling and assisting clients. Alicia has recently written a children’s book. Get to know Marley, the first installment of The Marley Adventures. I got my goddaughter a copy. I have reached out for her expertise as I try to complete my one children’s book.

Margo the third sister is Active Duty Air Force stationed in Japan which explains why she was not able to attend the GLAM GALA, but I hear is the go-to girl for all things glam. 
I truly enjoyed the 3rd Annual Glam Gala. There were great venders there offering everything from beauty product, jewelry, financial tips and services to event planners and Zumba and health coaches. I am glad I found these ladies. I’m in talks to have my make-up done and share my expertise in thrifting with Ashley. I have been in communications with Alicia about book writing and hopefully attend her upcoming Business & Brunch event. The ladies were gracious enough to allow me to tell the group about Thriftng Central Ga. I have gained a few more thrift group members as a result.

Save the Environment with Thrift Store Shopping

Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Today is Earth Day. I thought it would be appropriate to let you know that you ( thrifters are ) actually doing more than saving big, but you are part of something bigger. Thrifting is the best form of recycling and reducing stress and excess waste in the environment. I am an Environmental Scientist , so anything I can do to help save the environment is important to me. So next time you head to your local thrift store, you can feel good knowing  that you are helping save the earth while you are also saving money.

Save the Environment with Thrift Store Shopping

thrift store

For those who love to shop there may be nothing better then browsing through the mall and snatching up a pair of Manolo Blahniks. Except maybe for getting that pair at a ridiculously low price while saving a little piece of the earth at the same time; that’s shopping gold.
Thrift and consignment shopping became popular in the wake of the recession, and four years later even with some small signs of economic recovery, second-hand shopping remains a trend.
According to the Association of Resale Professionals, the number of thrift and consignment stores has increased by 7% for the past two years.  About 16% to 18% of Americans shop at thrift stores in any given year, and 12% to 15% shop at consignment shops. To put that in perspective according to America’s Research Group about 19.6%  shop at apparel stores and 21.3% at department stores.
While shoppers are rushing to thrift and consignment stores in order to save money they are also doing their part to save the environment.
ABC News estimates that 98% of the clothing purchased in the U.S. comes from abroad. That means that a sweater hanging on the rack at a department store traveled thousands of miles, using up energy and polluting the planet with coal and natural gas along its way to the store and ultimately an American closet.
In contrast buying second-hand clothing produces a significantly smaller carbon footprint. While the sweater may first have came from thousands of miles away, it likely made itself into the shop after someone in the community wore it and then sold or donated it to the shop. The only carbon emissions associated with that sweater is the fuel it took the donator and the shopper to drive to the store (even less if that person walked, biked or took public transportation to said store).
The whole someone-else-wore-it-first thing can turn some people off to vintage shopping, but buying and using gently worn clothing follows one of the principals of the environmental friendliness: reuse. It also keeps those items out of landfills.
Packaging associated with brand new items often ends up in landfills as well.  Anyone who has ever bought something new knows those products come with a lot of packaging be it plastic, tissue, tags, etc. Gently worn items purchased in a consignment or thrift shop eliminate that unnecessary packaging.
Second-hand clothing is a good alternative to organic clothing for those on a budget. New clothes are often made with fabrics that can be harsh on the skin like polyester and other synthetic fabrics. Buying second-hand makes it easier to avoid these fabrics.
Consignment and thrift shopping reduces the carbon footprint while reusing items and saving shoppers money.
This article is reprinted with permission from

Purple Is My Favorite Color

Friday, April 15, 2016

I love anything purple ,hence the purple official membership tote bag  for my thrift group. I found a great little jacket at The Salvation Army of Central Georgia in December. It is lightweight enough to wear on cooler Spring mornings. Purple is a color that symbolizes royalty.  I just happen to like it  a lot. What about you? Do you have any favorites?

Tags of Hope Thrift Shoppe has some Gorgeous Vintage Items

Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Are  you looking  for  some great vintage items ? If so  you need to swing by Tags of Hope Thrift Shoppe on Vineville  Ave. The funds raised at Tags of Hope are used to support the Methodist  Children's Home. Go "thrift for a good cause "
Why Buy from or Donate to Tags of Hope?
The revenue earned from the sales of donated items goes directly to the children and youth in our care. This means that any donation or purchase that you make is directly and positively impacting a child in need who is in your community. With your help, they can have part of their childhood returned to them.

Tags of H
Store Address:
Vineville North Shopping Center
3342 Vineville Avenue
Macon, Georgia 31204
Store Number: 478.254.2489
Donations: Call Beth at
Store Hours:
Tuesday, Thursday, Friday
from 9 am – 3 pm

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