Meet Mr. Jarmaal Hamilton ; A Guy Who Thrifts

Monday, March 21, 2016

I know most group page posts are done by thrift-sisters.
Well there are guys who have figured out how great thrifting is. 
Meet Mr. Jarmaal Hamilton, who is one of my first members to join Thrifting Central Ga.  Jarmaal is from the Central Georgia area.
I asked Jarmaal a few questions about his thrifting.
Jarmaal has been thrifting for about 3 years and his thrift philosophy is to thrift early and thrift often.

When asked what his favorite spots were,  Jarmaal replied that his favorite thrift spots are Goodwill, Smileys Flea Market, Salvation Army, and any mom and pop store he comes across. 
Jarmaal absolutely will not thrift underwear or 
things for his daughter. I wanted to know the best thrift  tip Jarmaal had to offer new or fellow thrifters, he replied that his best  tip is get to the stores when they open he says the best deals come when they first open, and know your half off tag colors and go for those first
I wanted to know his best thrift score thus far; his answer was (a pair of Beats by Dre headphones for $4.99)! Finally I asked him if “Thrifting Central Ga. ever offered a thrift bus tour if he would go along with us, he stated “I would definitely be willing to try out a thrifting bus tour ‘. I am glad to have a guy who thrifts in our group! 


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