My Thrifty New Fave Lunch

Monday, February 29, 2016

This year I am trying to be more thrifty not cheap or stingy, but thrifty
in all  aspects of my life. Webster defines thrifty as managing or using money in a careful or wise way that said I have been searching for ways help me lessen going out daily for those costly, high calorie lunches. I have enjoyed the new single serve Taylor Farms brand salads at Walmart. Taylor Farms salads include the dressing and a small fork. This complete salad deal comes in various mixes, BLT, Asian, Cranberry Walnut and more. The thing I like most is that they are under $3.00 each and most have the calorie count listed clearly printed on the front of the package. Work on your 52 week money challenge by eating in at work, go browse the salad section at Walmart and find your favorite.


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