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Monday, February 1, 2016

Retro Swagger is excited to launch it's unique approach to online thrift shopping this month.  Thrift Club is the first online thrift shop that sends the customer 3 outfits to wear per month. The outfits are picked by our designers after a consultation with the customer to get an idea of size, style, and attitude. At the end of the 30 day term, members can either return the items and get new ones, or send us something from their closet of equal or better condition and style. Members may then choose more items from their website. Shipping is free, and all items are cleaned, pressed, and inspected before shipping. The benefit of Thrift Club is that members are able to have a very diverse wardrobe without having an exploding closet !
                    The physical store location for Retroswagger is 10 Harlow St. in Historic Downtown Bangor, Maine.Their retail shop is always bustling with people buying and selling clothes. They never take donations, but are always buying and trading only the highest quality of gently used clothing. Retro Swagger also buys out new clothes from the Gap, and other retail stores that are closing, and reducing size throughout the country. 

                  As a family owned and operated shop, their prices are affordable to everyone. Annie and Pete have 3 wonderful kids and know what it is like out there. If it wasn't for local thrift shops.They never would have made it.

                Retro Swagger has something for everyone! Clothes for all ages and all sizes, Men, children, ladies, you name it. They also have a local Jewelry artist that makes cigar box purses, and re-purposed ear-rings, necklaces, cuffs, you name it !

Shop RetoSwagger online
Visit their website at  learn more about the Thrift Club. Browse through their collection and shop from the neat thrift priced vintage items.


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