Thrifty Living :My Fur Jacket - A Great Thrift Score

Saturday, December 31, 2016

 2016 was ending and I just scored my best find of the year. I scored a great black fur jacket.
On a quick trip this week up to Griffin Georgia I made a dash into the Christian Women's Thrift Store, just minutes after being there stumbled up in a nice black fur jacket. The jacket was priced at a mere $24.95. I thought what the heck I am going to go for it. I tried it on and what do know it was my size!

This ended up being part of my birthday gift collection.  I have been able to get some great thrift scores in 2016. I will continue to be a thrifty & savvy shopper 2017 and beyond.
What was YOUR best thrift find of 2016?
 Join me and my thrift group to share tips and finds !

Thrifty Living:My Recent Shoe Score

Friday, December 30, 2016

It's not secret that I love shoes.Yes all kinds , you may not see me in high heels often, but I love looking at all colors and style of shoes. A typical thrift store visit for me start is out in the shoe department and then to other departments. I recently scored two pair that I adore.
At WEAR thrift store downtown Macon , I scored a great pair Tony Lama cowgirl boots! Then just days later I dropped in to the Rescue Mission Bargain Center and scored a cute  pair of  multi colored spectator heels. I cleaned and wore both during the holidays.  Follow me and Join My thrift Group at  to learn how to score great stuff.
Thrifted Tony Lama Boots
Thrifted Multi Colored Spectators with Fun Socks

Savvy Shopping for Graphic Tees

Tuesday, December 27, 2016

I love reaching for a graphic tee to pair up with a pair jeans . I have seen prices range from $10.00 to as much as $30.00
I never pay crazy prices for one.
I have been lucky enough to score some cute ones for under $10.00  from closeout and fashion discount stores. Be a savvy shopper and check out those lil off the beaten path discount stores , you never know  what you might score.

Donate Your Excess and Enjoy A Tax Write Off

Tuesday, December 20, 2016

It is that time of year you might be contemplating what to do with all the excess stuff you have due to extra things you have accumulated from your thrift adventures. Well let me tell you, donating to charity  is a great option for reducing your excess.
The best way is to donate to your local charity.Your donation not only creates inventory, but helps create jobs like  those who conduct the sale transactions at the thrift well as jobs for someone to sort, hang and display the merchandise

The best part of it all is that you can write off your donation off on your taxes.When you drop off items at Goodwill, Salvation Army. The Rescue Mission ,WEAR, Tags of Hope. be sure to get a donation receipt. Use that receipt as proof of your charitable donation on your tax return.  That is like letting Uncle Sam pay you for your items.
What are you waiting of clean those closets, donate to your favorite charity and collect your tax benefit.

I was introduced to ESalon. Thanks Mom!!

Sunday, November 27, 2016

During the Thanksgiving Holidays I was talking to my I'm about how dull my hair was. Mom mentioned that she loves her relationship with ESalon  ( an online company that is her virtual colorist ).Mom spoke so highly of the service that I decided to give it a try.  ESalon is easy to get started with. I simply just went to their website and answered a few questions about my hair situation and goals.
Then I got instant suggestions from ESalon , the next step was from me to select one and submit my order. The ESalon service is a subscription option that allows you to select how often you like to refresh your color and they ship your color to your door! I received mine last week. I also ordered the color safe shampoo and conditioner ( both were on special ). I have used my kit and it turned out really good! The color has no strong chemical odor and the instructions were very easy to follow. Thanks mom!

I Scored a Romain Vintage Handbag

Here I go again with a new purse to add to my collection. This lil beauty is actually a Vintage Romain handbag. I snagged it from Salvation Army Broadway Macon Ga.  I wasn't even aware of the significance of the designer Romain, I was just intrigued by the overall the design and construction of the bag. I became aware of how good of a deal I had gotten once I got home and shared it to the Thrift Atlanta Group. A lady in the group told me I really scored and I should Google it.
I Googled it and found it is a vintage late 1960s tweed & leather handbag by John Romain. mid-sized, with brass metal studs and leather handles. three interior compartments. dimensions 10 x 7 x 4" John Romain, 1960s-1970s.

Nummy Buns- A Sweet Reward For Shopping Small and Local

A few weeks ago I sat down with blogger Molly McWilliams Wilkins to brainstorm some ideas. I mentioned wanting to get to know more locals who are in small business. Molly asked if I had heard of or had a Nummy Bun, and I had not, so she gave me the name Britt McCauley wife of Kevin McCauley, Nummy Buns creator.
Well the next day I looked her up and we started an inbox dialogue and once I saw a picture of the buns I had to try one soon as I could. Britt met me with my bun delivery and an extra bonus a sample their new bread pudding and the rest is sweet history. I had my bun with a cup of good cold milk.  I warmed it per instructions and words cant' describe the sweet moist yumminess that followed, with a pecan surprise throughout. You gotta try one. The bread pudding was amazing as well. I had mine with dinner.  I love the idea of supporting small businesses. When you support Nummy Buns, you are literally supporting a mom-and-pop business. You can shop with Kevin & Britt McCauley  at and you can follow them on your favorite social media site at @freshnummybuns!

I asked Britt to tell me how it got stared .Here is their story in her words.
My husband, Kevin McCauley and I met while we both were working for Whole Foods Market in Nashville. I did marketing for them and my husband was a chef. Kevin is really passionate teaching and taught quite a bit for the Viking Cooking School in Franklin, TN.
Kevin was prepping for a bakery workshop when he found he didn't love their recipe for cinnamon rolls. In his experimentation, he created a recipe he really loved. When he gave our then two year old, Evie, a taste, she couldn't say "they're yummy" - it came out "da nummy!" And with that, the Nummy Bun was born!
We moved to Macon in August of 2015, pregnant with our second daughter, Elle, and ready to raise our Nummy Buns to the next level. We are licensed by the State of Georgia and available for purchase via our website, various middle GA stores, and select festivals and events.

Nummy Buns are made with organic dairy, Georgia pecans from McDaniel Family Farm in Elko, GA, unbleached flour, and never anything artificial! We also make a fantastic bread pudding from the Nummy Buns. When you buy our buns, we give you the recipe for the Nummy Buns bread pudding that we also now sell. Nummy Buns are available at at .

The We Inspire Fashion Show Spurred My ThriftStyle

My interest in all things fashion inspired me to go see some fashions from local designers. Fellow thrifter Crystal Kendall-Pitts sent me a Facebook invite to check out an event that BowFRESH Bowties Store Owner Aaron Brown was hosting .The event was his August 7th WE INSPIRE Fashion Show. I am all for supporting local small businesses, so it was a perfect combination. The show was a hit and featured local talented designers and models.
I decided to put together my outfit from thrift pieces that I had been holding onto. It came together with pieces that I have thrifted from various spots in Central Ga. and beyond. I mixed vintage and boutique pieces with current trendy pieces and it worked out well. I am planning a Spring/Summer Thrift Fashion Show *Stay Tuned for more details **

My Accessories
Ring from The Pink Chief Boutique - Bracelet from Salvation Army

Completed Outfit

Turquoise And Black Thrift Match Up!

Thursday, November 24, 2016

I like having color in my wardrobe. By now you know I love jewerly . So when I stumbled up on this beautiful black and turquoise blouse at Rescue Mission of Middle Ga., Inc. the beautiful print caught my eye and I couldn't leave it. I got home and realized that I had the perfect lil necklace to compliment the blouse. I try to always coordinate my jewelrly with some part of my outfit. 
What about you ? Does it matter if you have matching accessories?

Meet Thriftanista Paula Gipson

Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Meet Thriftanista :Paula Gipson

My name is Paula Gipson and I am a resident of Atlanta, Georgia. I am a Death Investigator for the Georgia Bureau of Investigation. I have been an avid thriftier for the past 2 ½ years. I fell in love with Thrifting by various women I met in person and saw on social media. I was intrigued how they can piece together a high quality and fashionable outfit without breaking the bank. This is how I knew, that I had to put an end to my retail shopping. 
First, my thrifting philosophy is to learn to step out of your element when you are shopping for an outfit. Most people like to play it safe and stick to basic pieces they wear on a daily basis. Wearing bright colors, bold accessories, and printed clothing are fun ways to jazz up any outfit. Also, check and feel the quality of the item that you are putting in your closet. You never want to buy a piece of clothing that is going to fall apart after a couple of wears. You want it to last for a long time. 
Secondly, the favorite places that I love to shop are the Goodwill’s in the Buckhead and Perimeter area. I know when I shop in those areas, I am able to find high quality items whether they are brand name or no name. Plato’s Closet is a great place for me to find my heels, boots, and purses. 
Third, I will never thrift under garments, bathing suits, or running shoes. 
The best thrift tip I can give anyone that is learning how to thrift is if you are shopping at Goodwill, the best time to go is Sunday. Sunday is the day that the color of the week changes. You are more likely to get items 50% off if you go that day. Also, try to follow your favorite thrift stores on social media. There are certain days of the week that they have major blow out sales, or give discounts based on the day of the week or occupation. 
My best thrift find was from Goodwill Perimeter. I found brand new Michael Kors heels for $6.00. Since it is fall and I love the color green, I found a brand new Michael Kors forest green dress for $10.00 at Plato’s Closet. That same day, I got a dark orange brand new Dana Buchman purse for $8.00, that retails for $69.00. 
I am big into turning some basic pieces, into high quality fashionable items you will see in a magazine. Here are some pictures of myself doing it:
Content Contributor Paula Gipson

Thrifting With Friends

Thursday, November 17, 2016

Several months ago I decided to go thrifting out of my city. I joined up with Keren Charles of Thrifting Atlanta. She hosts a monthly chauffeured guided thrift tour of various thrift and consignment stores. The tour took us to several really nice boutique styled consignment stores and ended at a huge thrift outlet !I met some really nice fellow thrift sisters.  I can't wait to attend future thrift tours! I am trying out the tour subscription for 2016.

Thrift The Runway- My Girls Night Out

Wednesday, November 16, 2016

I spent Saturday night with my mom , sister, two nieces and friends. Thanks to an Event Brite share from a friend. I pulled out  a few of my thrifted clothes and my favorite thrifted oversized necklace to wear.
I attended a Thrift Themed Fashion Show hosted by Atlanta area thrifter Sophia Starnes . Sophia made great use her event space Sophia's Intimate Event Space.
Thrift The Runway featured  vendors who brought out some great fashions, accessories  and fashion tips.I got to meet some of Atlanta's. Popular thrift & fashion bloggers and thriftanistas like Muscle Mom (Stephanie McSwine, personal stylist/blogger Melodie Stewart, blogger and twitter author Troy the Fashionista, Brucee Denise fashion blogger for OHHyeahHer , thrift expert and others.

To the show. I'm excited about hosting my own thrift themed fashion show in 2017.

Celebration of Veterans Day * I served my Country

Friday, November 11, 2016

30 years ago , I decided to join the U S Army.
I was lead to do so , because of my desire to get a college degree ( G.I Gill benefits )  and travel the world.
The recruiter showed  me photos of people in lab coats, talked about of  my love science and outdoors and boom I was hooked , so I decided to do the Water Treatment Specialist (MOS). Military Occupation Specialty, where we treated water to  provide clean drinking water to the troops.
My four years were filled with learning water treatment procedures ,taking a few night courses with University of Maryland , traveling to different countries and meeting new friends. It was all a great experience that I would not take back if I could.
I  salute those who served  .*It's an honor to volunteer to serve your country and it is great to have military service as part of ones legacy. I am proud to have served in the U.S. Army. Happy Veterans Day and THANKS FOR YOUR SERVICE to all my fellow veterans  who served  in all the Armed Services !.

. Happy Veterans Day and THANKS FOR YOUR SERVICE to all my fellow veterans who served  in all the Armed Services !

I Thrifted One of My Favorite Accessories -The Cuff Bracelet !

Sunday, November 6, 2016

Crazy bout cuffs !
My new jewelry infatuation is cuff bracelets. I love them in all colors sizes or styles. My collection is growing.One of my faves came to me when I was finishing up shopping for my outfit to attend a local fashion show .Low and behold I dropped by The Salvation Army of Central Ga. there it lay in the jewelry cabinet,one of  the most amazing silver cuffs with a giant black,inset stone.  It was as if it was there waiting for me. We left the store together it debuted as part of my outfit the next day at a local  Fashion Show hosted by Aaron Brown of Bow Fresh Bow Ties in Macon. I love thrifting for jewelry. 

I Enjoyed A Weekend DayTrip on a Dime

Saturday, October 29, 2016

Earlier this month I went on a day trip to another state.
Two friends and I loaded into my SUV ( which gets 31 MPG)**.
Yes I said 31 miles to the the gallon , with a 13 gallon tank it's quite the gas saver, and great for road trips.
That is exactly why me and two friends got together shared gas expenses and set out to go visit  a friend in Montgomery, Alabama which is one state and 3.5 hours drive away.

Needless to say girls trips are always fun. We filled up for $21.00 dollars in Macon , and three hours and thirty minutes later ( lots of fun conversations )  we were at her house in my home state of Sweet Home Alabama.
Our day consisted of our friend taking us on stops at various historic spots. such as The Dexter Avenue Memorial Church where Dr. Martin Luther King once was the pastor,  The Dexter Avenue
( Ministers' Home ) part of the Dr. King Memorial stops , The Rosa Parks Center, The Capital of Montgomery and more. We also visited the beautiful downtown area , as a  matter of fact we topped off our day by dining on some great seafood  at  Wintzell's Seafood located downtown Montgomery ..

The return trip gas fee was only $15.00  and I had over a fourth of a tank of gas once I got back to Macon. This is thrifty way to enjoy a day trip on a dime*

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