Flirt With Color Without Commitment

Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Have you ever wondered how a new hair color or highlights would look on you? Before doing a permanent hair color change you can try it out with a wig.
Well I wanted to try something new but am afraid to commit to getting my hair colored. A few weeks ago I was out and about and stopped into a local beauty supply store, it was huge and filled with a little of everything. I found my way to the wigs and hairpieces section. There were many styles and color combinations to choose from.I selected a bob style wig with slight auburn highlights in the front and on the sides. It gives me an idea what I would look like if I took the leap and permanently highlighted my own hair .Thanks to wigs we can experiment with great hairdos from day to day.

What about you? Do you use hair pieces or wigs etc.  to change up  your hair game?


  1. I really like that look! It took me a while to adjust to coloring my hair years ago and I have a favorite color now. I like to try different styles without manipulating my hair too much. Wigs are very stylish and convenient!

  2. That looks good sis.I will have to use a wig or wigs to get a new look because my hair is like baby hair.

  3. That look works great for you.! I also enjoy using hair pieces as they allow me to try different hairstyles


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