I am Thankful

Thursday, November 26, 2015

I am very Thankful and Blessed this Thanksgiving 2015. It was a beautiful day spent with my parents and my sister.We are grateful , because last year this was my mom was in Atlanta staying with sis , So we all gathered and had Thanksgiving dinner this year. I decided to pull out one of my of thrifted outfits. I wore an animal print jacket , brown dress slacks , blouse with my long suede boots and coordinating thrifted purse. I pray many blessings for my family and families around the world this year and beyond.

Salvation Army Thrift Store ReOpening I Was There

Sunday, November 22, 2015

Everyone had been anticipating the grand-- reopening of our local Salvation Army Thrift Store.
I helped spread the word by sharing the event and details to my thrift group page and also on my organization FaceBook page. I support all  the local,organizations.The Big day finally arrived Sat. November 21st 2015  I arrived around 9:30 am to Black Friday like lines. which was actually a good sign that the community had gotten the info and Salvation Army would have a successful, opening!  I wore a thrifted outfit of course. Black textured pants that I thrifted from The Thrifty Lizard Thrift Shop  in Carrollton Ga., my bold striped fringed shawl was from the recent She's Got The Look Consignment Sale.My Coach crossbody was thrifted from Goodwill. Boots were retail. I will continue to encourage my fellow thrifters to shop and support both local Salvation stores, because all funds raised stay here in this community. That is great so the Salvation Army of Central Ga. can continue to help those in our community

Do you shop at or donate to local charities like Salvation Army?

I Made The Ultimate Donation . Would You ?

Friday, November 20, 2015

A year ago in August my sister Kelley got the terrible news that she had acute myeloid leukemia. My family was upside down, since she and my sister in law both got terrible diagnoses that weekend. Yes same weekend! Leukemia for one and breast cancer out of remission for the other.

Sis had to start chemotherapy just days after the diagnosis and it was bad , she had the worst form , it was very aggressive quickly taking her numbers down down.Chemo was started along with various other treatments. she was hospitalized for weeks. Shortly after treatment was started and it was determined that a stem cell donation was needed to save her life. All 3 of her siblings( me and our two brothers )  were tested , once the results were in I got the call that I was a perfect match even though they like using the cells of younger sibling. A perfect match lessened the rejection factor. The stem cell transplant was scheduled for Nov. 20th ( one year ago today ) just days before a major surgery I had already been scheduled to undergo.  I  rescheduled my surgery to go thru the process to prepare to be her donor. Nov. 19th I underwent three hours of the donation process in which they gathered 18.9 million stem cells and early in the morning of  Nov. 20, 2014  the transplant was done . Kelley had several more months of treatments as her body got acclimated to the new cells . I am happy to report that today she was told that she is in full remission and doing well.

I learned that being a donor was not painful and all expense related and it was taken care of by the patient's insurance.

How about you would you think twice about being a donor in order to save the life of  a sibling? Think about donating the The Leukemia and Lymphoma Society. They host annual Light the Night Walks as a Fundraiser for funding blood cancer research.

The Make-End Maker Festival what I wore

Wednesday, November 18, 2015

On November 14th I attended a neat new festival in my city. It was sponsored by and put together by  College Hill Alliance .
My outfit was thrifted. I wore a green leather jacket by Isaac Mizrahi and a pair of thrifted jeans. I completed it with my thrifted Coach crossbody bag.


The Make-End Maker Festival was a weekend-long event dedicated to showcasing makers: people who create original art, craft, science and technology-based works.  

The event was Central Georgia's debut festival celebrating makers, featuring interactive art + technology vendors and exhibitors, entrepreneurial speakers from across the country, plus large-scale attractions, including a 30-foot-tall fire breathing robot!

The College Hill Alliance is organizing the festival, thanks to funding from ArtPlace America and support from our sponsors.


I Stay Connected with Straight Talk Wireless

Saturday, November 14, 2015

I believe in being thrift and cost conscious in as many ways as possible, so a few years ago when my nephew Deont'e Hunt told me about Straight Talk.  I was curious about how to get signed up for unlimited data, talk and text for a non contract plan with a set monthly fee. I was skeptical ,but willing to give it a try. I switched from a big name national carrier and have not looked back. I chose Straight Talk with the option of using AT&T network towers.  I use my Straight Talk phone for my for many posts and tweets. The service is very reliable and a great value for the money ! 

Do you use contract or non contract wireless to stay connected?

MY OOTD for the Thrift -Sip N Shop at WEAR Thrift Store

Each month we have a First Friday in our city. The various downtown merchants stay open later and host events to draw in locals. I tend to support WEAR.Thrift With a Twist( Thrift Store)!. They are a great partner to Thrifting Central Ga., by offering an exclusive discounts to our members who use our official membership tote bag there. Wear is also a shop where the tote bag is sold ($6.00 CASH)!
All proceeds from sales at WEAR benefit DayBreak Homeless Resource Center a DePaul USA project.
I'm glad to shop at and support them. I wore a totally thrifted outfit to the November 6th Sip N Shop.
My cute little flower shaped ring was actually purchased from WEAR. The pineapple necklace was from Salvation Army of central Georgia Thrift Store.

My Summer Trip Pic - This Memory is Fitting For Veteran's Day

Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Back in the summer  I took a trip to Andersonville National Cemetery . I spotted this old Army tank and could not resist a photo op in my thrifted ( big jewelry **notice the necklace) I got it a few years ago at a sale in the home of Miller Miller who is now part owner of Miller Bynum Designs and Rite At Home Interior Design . The white pants were a great deal at Kmart! My orange blouse was as good as thrifted from JC Penny !

My Veteran's Day Dinner Date

I pulled decided to wind my Veteran's Day by enjoying the complimentary meal at Olive Garden. My whole outfit including accessories was thrifted.
I thrifted the great purse from YES UPSCALE thrift in Dublin Ga., the jeans and blouse were thrifted from Salvation Army and last but not least my boots were thrifted from Rescue Mission of Middle Ga. bargain center . I appreciate all the businesses who offered meals and other discounts to show appreciation to us veterans.     

Happy Veteran's Day to My Fellow Veterans

I pause to recognize and THANK those who served our country.  I know first hand what it's like to serve our country. I am a veteran of the U.S. Army. My service started with my basic training in South Carolina and ended in Ft. Ord California. I served some time in Wurburtz Germany and 
I served in the Noriega invasion event in Panama. My job ( MOS) in the service as as a
 77 Whiskey- Water Treatment Specialist. I  helped too treat and provide potable water to troops in the field! That was all along time ago , but I would not change a thing about it all ,well except I might have done a few more years.

Naturally Me

Sunday, November 8, 2015

I enjoyed the freedom of natural hair( free of chemical straighteners )for the last 4-5 years( . However. I recently tried a chemical straightener , it has not worked so well. I will return to my natural roots very soon . Stay tuned! Meanwhile check out my oversized jewelry .The necklace was purchased at annual consignment sale , earrings were purchased from a booth at a natural hair show in Atlanta.I thrifted the blouse from Salvation Army. I live for thrifted clothing and accessories.
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My Thrifted Outfit : New City Church Women's Conference

Wednesday, November 4, 2015

On Saturday Oct. 24th I attended a wonderful Women's Conference at local church called New City Church.
They hosted a great 3 session event with Jani Oultman as the speaker, under the theme “Boundless”. The conference was an awesome and inspiring event.
I decided to pull out some of my thrift collection to wear. I chose my brand new Jones New York gray slacks and topped them off with my thrifted multi print blouse. I completed to look with accessories which included a necklace from Diva Diva Boutique and I must say it accented my blouse perfectly.  

Flirt With Color Without Commitment

Have you ever wondered how a new hair color or highlights would look on you? Before doing a permanent hair color change you can try it out with a wig.
Well I wanted to try something new but am afraid to commit to getting my hair colored. A few weeks ago I was out and about and stopped into a local beauty supply store, it was huge and filled with a little of everything. I found my way to the wigs and hairpieces section. There were many styles and color combinations to choose from.I selected a bob style wig with slight auburn highlights in the front and on the sides. It gives me an idea what I would look like if I took the leap and permanently highlighted my own hair .Thanks to wigs we can experiment with great hairdos from day to day.

What about you? Do you use hair pieces or wigs etc.  to change up  your hair game?

National Sandwich Day- what is your fave ?

Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Today was National Sandwich Day. I have to mention my favorite sandwich right now. I tried the slow cooked brisket at Arby's and immediately fell in love with how authentic it tasted!
I never knew there was a national holiday dedicated to sandwiches!
That's my fave for now . What is yours?

Coco + Carmen rainboots right on time!

Sunday, November 1, 2015

Well it was a gloomy and rainy Nov. 1st. . I was eager to pull out my rain boots.
The brand is CoCo + Carmen which usually sell at regular retail for $75.00. I was able to snag them at a huge sidewalk clearance sale at our Vineville Ave. Chichester's Pharmacy and Gifts for a mere $9.99 They are roomy and super flexible and effortlessly follow my foot movements. I am glad I decided to purchase my first pair of rain boots on that beautiful sunny day, because they came in handy this rainy day in Georgia!

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