My Thrift Trip-- Teen Challenge East Dublin Ga

Monday, October 19, 2015

I was recently passing through Dublin Ga. and decided to check out the thrift store scene,
By mistake as I was trying to find the GoodWill Store, I made a series of wrong turns and happened up on Teen Challenge Thrift Store. I shopped there got a few houseware pieces cheap for brand new bowls and cups. The proceeds of the store benefit kids who need special assistance. I love shopping when tne funds help benefit a good cause .

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  1. I'd say you took some turns... but you may have been divinely led to Teen Challenge Thrift Store! So therefore these turns were the right ones!!! :) Besides, the GOOD WILL stores have apparently been bought out by an ordinary individual who is raking in the money from folks who think they're giving to a good cause! (Do the homework for yourselves!) (Y)


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