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Sunday, October 4, 2015

I practice what I preach, I really do get out and "Shop For a Cause " , Shop Local . I went downtown Macon on Saturday and shopped at Historic Macon 38th Annual Flea Market. I found long lines of eager shoppers  waiting outside to enter the huge sale space. Once inside I found lots of great goodies priced from $10.00 and up. I might mention, I also attend the Summer Flea Market they had a few months ago on Cherry St. I will definitely  stay tuned for ALL their Flea Markets and other sales from now on!#shop4acause, #ShopLocalMacon

Historic Macon Foundation's vision is to lead Middle Georgia as the premier preservation organization.
Our Mission is to revitalize our community by preserving architecture and sharing history.
Imagine: tomorrow’s lifestyle in yesterday’s places.

As Written by Emily Hoskins in her weekly Blog for Historic Macon.
Did I mention that 77¢ of every dollar you spend at the Flea Market goes straight back to Historic Macon’s operating expenses? That means 77¢ of your dollar goes directly to the work that we do best -revitalizing our community by preserving architecture and sharing history. You can rest easy in that new-to-you bed or chair from the Flea Market knowing you got an incredible deal and you also supported an organization committed to making Macon a better place.

 I even got snapped by the Macon Telegraph photographer  ( Jason Vorhees) !!


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