Dryel is My Secret Weapon For Refreshing Thrifted Clothing

Sunday, September 13, 2015

My go to product for saving on dry cleaning costs for my
many thrifted finds is Dryel at -home dry cleaner. I thrift a lot of nice jackets and blouses
that would require a trip to the dry cleaners. However; I use Dryel, an amazing product for at- home dry cleaning. I use it on all blazers and dresses, the scent is simple and refreshing.
I keep a stock of Dryel ,since I thrift weekly.
I am fortunate that I can save a fortune on dry cleaning costs.
I just buy additional refill sheet kits and set
aside a Saturday morning to do my "DRYELING" instead of heading off the the dry cleaners!

What do  you use to clean or freshen your thrift finds?

Want to try Dryel ? Go the their website and print out a coupon to get your starter kit!


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