Consignment Shopping vs. Thrift Shopping

Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Bella Tells Us  the Difference Between Thrift and Consignment Shops!

Both thrift stores and consignment shops are environmentally-friendly, or “green” in part because the merchandise is collected locally and reused which is a form of recycling. When clothing is reused it is a form of recycling and doesn’t find it’s way into the landfill.
They are also similar because you won’t find rows and rows of multiple sizes of the same style. Generally you’ll find one of a kind items at these stores.
what is consignment articleConsignment stores are different from thrift shops, resale shops, and hospice shops in 3 major ways. They are closely related in some ways so it's difficult for many shoppers to tell them apart.
When you buy second-hand clothes you’re also not supporting third world sweat shops that churn out much of the woman’s clothing you find in traditional retail stores these days.
They are similar in that they both offer used goods at fraction of the cost of buying the same item new in a department store at full retail. You’ll find affordable clothes and other consignment items at either, but you can spot their differences as well if you keep the following questions in mind:
1) Which has better quality? One way they are different is the quality of woman’s clothes they carry. At a consignment shop items found for purchase are generally in new or nearly new condition and gently used without any pulls, odors, stains, or damage. A thrift store isn’t as selective and is willing to put nearly anything on the racks for resale. You may pay less in some cases, but it’s a matter of “you get what you pay for”.
A consignment shop is a store that offers used clothing or other items at deeply discounted prices as well. Generally you pay 25 to 33 cents on the dollar versus their original cost at retail store prices. One key advantage of shopping at consignment stores however, is that the owner of the shop does all the “rummaging” for quality name brand, and designer labels; and looks for only the best quality clothes, which saves you time. Clothes must be clean, free of defects, and often must be brought in on hangers versus in a heap at the bottom of a bag at a thrift shop.
2) Who keeps the money? A thrift store is where the original owner donates the used clothes or other item as a charitable donation. The charity/seller keeps all proceeds from the sale of that item. The original owner may receive a receipt she could used to take a tax deduction on her taxes.
At a consignment store, when a consignor’s item(s) sell, they make a percentage of the sold price so that the store and the consignor both make a profit. Essentially they’re in business together as a partnership of sorts.
3) Who owns the goods? At a thrift store, the person dropping off the item gives up ownership immediately.
At a consignment shop, the person who originally brought in the consignment item retains title to the item during the consignment period which is generally 60-90 days long. If the item does not sell, the owner may be able to reclaim it in some cases, or the seller can dispose of the item at the store’s discretion. The consignee, or the seller, pays the consignor, the person who owns the item, a percentage of the proceeds from the sale when the item sells.
A consignor brings their used clothing to the store to be evaluated. After being reviewed, the items that are acceptable by the consignment store for selling are logged in. Either a manual written or electronic database records each item and who is to be paid when the item(s) sell.
A consignment contract is signed by the consignee agreeing to the terms of sale between the consignor and consignee. The shop advertises, display the clothes, pays the overhead, and handles the sale and collects the money for the consignor’s clothes.
When a consignor’s item(s) sell, they make a percentage of the sold price so that the store and the consignor make a profit. Consignment differs from “selling outright”,or “resale shop” selling, where a seller brings items and gets paid immediately after the resale shop selects the items it wants to sell at their store. 

Keep Up with Holidays Sales with Retail Me Not

Monday, September 28, 2015

I was holiday shopping last year and kept forgetting my special deals cards/ coupons.
I was in a store and kept seeing other customers just hand their cell phone to the clerk, so I asked a few of them if they were simply showing the coupon via email or what. Fellow customers told me to download an App called RETAIL ME NOT, to end my worries about clipping or handling all the discount postcards. The app is a real lifesaver and it has an email notification option that will email you about deals at stores you frequently shop in. You will not regret having this one, it literally puts thousands of coupons at your fingertips!

About RetailMeNot
As the largest online coupon site in the world, RetailMeNot gives you free access to deals at your favorite stores. Whether you need one of our 500,000+ online coupon codes, free shipping offers or in-store printables, you can always Spend Less. Shop More. with RetailMeNot.

Breast Cancer Research- A CAUSE Close to My Heart

Saturday, September 26, 2015

I talk a lot about "causes" , shop for a cause , thriftanista4acause and so on. 
Well there a two causes that touch my heart breast cancer research is one of them. My sweet sister in law has had to deal with breast cancer for a few years and she doesn't let it stop her stride.I have signed up to do the Susan G.Komen "Race for the Cure " race and walk  on September 26th .I will be walking in honor of my sister in law Dunyer Hunt. Dunyer's spirit is amazing and she keeps her head high and faces the world with amazing energy, she not does not let breast cancer stop her joy! Please consider donating to any of the races or donation centers. Your donation helps further research to help find cures to breast cancer. 

Antique Shopping - Another Passion of Mine

Monday, September 14, 2015

One of my other passions is shopping at antique stores. I love the old well made furniture and other unique items that antique stores offer! There are quite a few antique stores and antique malls in Central Ga. I also like the Blue Goose Antiques in Griffin Ga. I have bought some of my yard decor pieces from antique stores. If you haven't gone antiquing you should ! 
Go travel back in time at of the Central Ga antique stores.
 Ingleside Avenue Macon has several, there is an antique mall in Warner Robins on Watson Blvd. and Macon has a shop called My Favorite Things Antiques and Gifts just to name a few of the stores in Central Ga. 

Dryel is My Secret Weapon For Refreshing Thrifted Clothing

Sunday, September 13, 2015

My go to product for saving on dry cleaning costs for my
many thrifted finds is Dryel at -home dry cleaner. I thrift a lot of nice jackets and blouses
that would require a trip to the dry cleaners. However; I use Dryel, an amazing product for at- home dry cleaning. I use it on all blazers and dresses, the scent is simple and refreshing.
I keep a stock of Dryel ,since I thrift weekly.
I am fortunate that I can save a fortune on dry cleaning costs.
I just buy additional refill sheet kits and set
aside a Saturday morning to do my "DRYELING" instead of heading off the the dry cleaners!

What do  you use to clean or freshen your thrift finds?

Want to try Dryel ? Go the their website and print out a coupon to get your starter kit!

I met the great Ernestine Shepherd

Saturday, September 12, 2015

 Today I had the honor of meeting Ernestine Shepherd--79 year old Ernestine Shepherd who holds the Guinness Book of World record for being the oldest competitive female bodybuilder.
at a Community Wide Wellness and Fitness Festival. I was truly inspired by her and all the people from my community coming together to focus on wellness and fitness. The festival founder Charise Stephens did an awesome job putting together a whole weekend full of wellness and fitness activities !
 I was asked by festival founder, Charise Stephens to connect thrifting and fitness. I shared an article that tied together fitness and thrifting . The article's main focus was thrift your way through fitness and weight transitions )!  I  was also able to meet some Thrifting Central Ga. group members in person .

Pink Chief Boutique Supports Breast Cancer

Thursday, September 10, 2015

I wanted to share " the cause" that shop owner Anissa Jones and her mom Sandra support! They own Pink Chief Boutique, a trendy boutique in downtown Macon Ga. These ladies are inspirational examples of how regular merchants can use proceeds from their businesses  to help fund research on either community or health issues! I love supporting such merchants. Pink Chief also has agreed to offer an exclusive 20% discount to members of Thrifting Central Ga. When we shop with a purple member tote bag! Go by shop with them.

Pink Chief Boutique was founded by mother and daughter, Sandra Bryant and Anissa Jones. Their primary goal when starting the company was simple:

"To find a way to raise money for Breast Cancer Awareness and have fun at the same time."

The mother half of the duo is a breast cancer survivor and her daughter had to take care of her after her life threatening ordeal. Since then they have been crusaders for awareness. They also both have a knack for styling clothes and shopped frequently for others. So in February of 2013 they turned their dream into a reality and acquired The Pink Chief Boutique in historic downtown Macon, GA. Now the mother and daughter duo are able to raise money for a cause that is dear to them and earn a living doing what they love to do.

The mission of Pink Chief is to serve others, be creative, do what's right and have fun. Pink Chief Boutique is inspired by the latest runway looks and are suitable for any event. Our mantra" Go forth and conquer your events. Everyday is an event." Pink Chief Boutique offers clothing, accessories and personal care products for women. Our apparel is designed to help the modern woman succeed and look great while doing just that. 

My Own Body Butter Recipe

Friday, September 4, 2015

I recently used castor oil and almond oil with real Shea butter to make my own body butter.

The shea butter is hard ( so I had to melt it down in the microwave) I got the real natural she butter at natural hair show in Atlanta and I ordered the oils from Amazon at great prices.Onve the butter is warned and soft I mix in some castor oil and almond oil until it's creamy. I heard that this combination of ingredients will work well for my surgical scars -and dry skin. It can be also be used as a hair product on natural hair styles like twists or wash and go! I'll give an update in a few months!

Please share some of your homemade skin or hair product recipes?

My Thrifting Steps Count!

I recently bought a FIT BIT  Charge HR. I need to get in shape the FIT BIT will help me have goals to work toward. I thought yes now when I'm out moving about the various stores, I will also be adding steps to my daily step log.This is another way Thrift Shopping can be helpful in addition to saving me big bucks! I will have to update my wardrobe if this FIT BIT thing works out! The FIT BIT craze has caused a lot of people to get fit. I hope I can keep the motivation and be a  FIT BIT success story like million of others are.

I will post some progress in the next few months.( just big milestones).

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