Xenos Macon Took Notice - Thrifting Central Ga. is Featured in Their Weekly Newsletter

Saturday, August 22, 2015

 I want to THANK Xenos Macon for the spotlight in their lifestyles section.

It was an honor to be featured in the Xenos weekly newsletter lifestyle & shopping section.

 I recently met with the Xenos group for a networking and business referral lunch. Xenos Founder, Janel Bailey is very inspirational, I look forward to getting some great advice and ideas from her. If you need to connect with other business owners in the area and surrounding areas visit the Xenos website XenosLocal.com   and sign up for their newsletter and attend a referral lunch meeting!

You might be asking who is Xenos Macon.

 XenosLocal.com brings people together.
Xenos is a business destination network like no other.

People first. Always.

With a focus on strengthening business communities, Xenos Hospitality Inc. is a relationship marketing organization supporting the growth of small business and nonprofits through the use of technology and innovation.
Since 2011, the company has been helping professionals connect and build their businesses through cooperative marketing initiatives, networking events, technology education and professional development. However, their ultimate goal was to develop a sustainable solution to bridge the gap between consumers and local providers, while also creating a self-sustaining business destination network that would inspire more local and in-state spending.

XenosLocal.com brings people together.

In 2014, Xenos Hospitality Inc. launched XenosLocal.com, the first virtual community portal to serve as a complete business and destination resource for transient professionals, remote purchasing agents and newcomers. With all content being submitted and managed by local businesses, professionals and organizations, Xenos is a business destination network like no other.
Macon, GA is the first virtual business community to be released on the portal, with 2-3 more networks expected to be available across Georgia by mid 2015.

How we're different.

The Xenos Hospitality relationship marketing system was created to support the missions of community organizations interested in developing quality-of-life campaigns to attract new business and influence local spending. Unlike other community websites, the XenosLocal.com platform is self-managed through a collaborative effort of local organizations, business people, and residents, relieving organizations of a never-ending financial burden of technology upgrade and maintenance costs.


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