What is Thrifting Central Ga.?

Monday, August 17, 2015

What is Thrifting Central Ga.?
  I am Jocelyn Hunt founder of a new organization called Thrifting Central Ga.
Thrifting has always been a passion of mine, and I am excited about I grew up in the south as the eldest of four kids going to yard sales with my mom to shop for deals for our family. I graduated from high school and went off to serve my country in the U.S. Army for a four year stint.  Once my military career was over I moved to West Georgia with my sister. On my days off, I would go to the little thrift shops to find my wardrobe fillers. I love jackets of any style, a crisp white shirt and black pants, and vintage handbags. These thrifty finds were easy to find in the older shops around town. Thrifting was not as popular then, so I was often one of just a few shoppers in the thrift stores!  Now that thrifting has become so trendy, vintage items are harder to come by in “thrift stores”, so vintage stores are also popular now. I moved on to Central Ga. as a young single woman with rent to pay, no sister to split it with, and a car payment.  I quickly picked my thrifting hobby up again in Central Ga. I was continually amazed at the nice things I would find at awesome prices in the obvious thrift, consignment, and antique shops. Some of the places I found were local “hidden gems” and others were off the beaten path shops.
As time went on, I began to find antique garden and home decor as I was shopping for wardrobe pieces. I found thrifting of home d├ęcor pieces to be a really nice way to get some unique pieces in my home! I have thrifted lawn furniture and lawn art.
I was inspired a few months ago to take my passion and share it with other passionate thrifters to form a network where serious thrifters, consignment, boutique  and antique shoppers and store owners  come together to share tips and info on the best shopping spots in Central Georgia and beyond. There are so many stores that offer amazing deals, and I want people to know about them. I want I am excited to introduce ThriftingCentral Ga and ThriftingCentralGa.com
If you are a store owner of a consignment shop, a thrift store, an antique store, or just someone who loves to thrift, Thrifting Central Ga. is here for you. I can partner with store owners to host events and bring you more customers. My low cost ads can give you exposure you’ve been looking for. If you are a thriftingnista or a thrifting man, Thrifting Central Ga provides you a road map to find all those thrifty treasures in Central Georgia and beyond.  I want people to be just as excited about thrifting, consignment shopping, and antiquing as I am. The most exciting part of it all is I am mindful of the causes behind the thrift/bargain shops I thrift with. It really matters to me where the money goes when I make a purchase at thrift stores.
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