Pink Chief Boutique Supports Breast Cancer

Thursday, September 10, 2015

I wanted to share " the cause" that shop owner Anissa Jones and her mom Sandra support! They own Pink Chief Boutique, a trendy boutique in downtown Macon Ga. These ladies are inspirational examples of how regular merchants can use proceeds from their businesses  to help fund research on either community or health issues! I love supporting such merchants. Pink Chief also has agreed to offer an exclusive 20% discount to members of Thrifting Central Ga. When we shop with a purple member tote bag! Go by shop with them.

Pink Chief Boutique was founded by mother and daughter, Sandra Bryant and Anissa Jones. Their primary goal when starting the company was simple:

"To find a way to raise money for Breast Cancer Awareness and have fun at the same time."

The mother half of the duo is a breast cancer survivor and her daughter had to take care of her after her life threatening ordeal. Since then they have been crusaders for awareness. They also both have a knack for styling clothes and shopped frequently for others. So in February of 2013 they turned their dream into a reality and acquired The Pink Chief Boutique in historic downtown Macon, GA. Now the mother and daughter duo are able to raise money for a cause that is dear to them and earn a living doing what they love to do.

The mission of Pink Chief is to serve others, be creative, do what's right and have fun. Pink Chief Boutique is inspired by the latest runway looks and are suitable for any event. Our mantra" Go forth and conquer your events. Everyday is an event." Pink Chief Boutique offers clothing, accessories and personal care products for women. Our apparel is designed to help the modern woman succeed and look great while doing just that. 


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