My Thrift Trip to East Dublin Y.E.S. UpScale Consignment Store

Saturday, August 29, 2015

In July I was heading home from Savannah.
I wanted to check out the Goodwill store in Dublin. I made several bad turns and ended up at an intersection where I spotted ( YES Upscale Consignment Store ), so I went there to thrift shop and ask for some solid directions to Goodwill.
I was pleasantly surprised at the inventory of upscale clothing and shoes. Yes, I bought designer shoes, a great leather purses and blouse or two all for good thrift prices $3.00- $5.99 !

I loved it when the owner told me why they opened the store.
Here is the story and purpose behind the store. If you are in the East Dublin area stop in shop with them !( Info was retrieved from their website ).

Youth Environment Success Project inc. is a faith based nonprofit organization 501c3 tax exempt  organization that focuses on mentoring troubled and at risk youth and by offering reentry programs to stop a life of crime. Our  mission is to teach  youth the principles of God.  Many of the youth we mentor have been involved in  dangerous and destructive behavior.  Our goal is to help these youth  understand the importance of good moral character, academic success, and not giving into peer pressure while warning them about the long term consequences of criminal behavior, the dangers of  gang activity and drug and alcohol use.   Our  approach helps them  realize that someone cares about them which is why the youth is open to share their thoughts and feelings and is receptive to the words spoken by their mentor which is why it is important for you to get involved and give your support.  We are a  organization that offers experienced mentoring in all areas of life and we build a hands on relationship with our youth.   We also offer apprenticeship programs.  We work with businesses, community, educational institutions, and organizations for job opportunities.  


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